Country Throwback: Charlie Daniels Band Performs ‘In America’ at First Farm Aid in 1985

by Joe Rutland

Whenever the Charlie Daniels Band took the stage, you could expect them, led by Charlie Daniels himself, to show their pride in America.

The band was part of the first lineup at Farm Aid, which held its initial concert in 1985. They did a few songs, but one stands out as a clarion call to farmers and Americans like.

“In America,” which was released on the band’s 1980 album “Full Moon,” directly speaks to issues that might bring the nation to its knees. Daniels, who was one of the song’s co-writers, sings the opening lines to set the tone.

“Well the eagle’s been flyin’ slow
And the flag’s been flyin’ low
And a lotta people sayin’ that America’s
Fixin’ to fall

Well, speakin’ just for me
And some people from Tennessee
We’ve got a thing or two to tell you all

This lady may have stumbled
But she ain’t never fell
And if the Russians don’t believe that
They can all go straight to hell

We’re gonna put her feet back
On the path of righteousness and then
God bless America again”

Here is the Charlie Daniels Band performing this patriotic song at Farm Aid.

Charlie Daniels Band Releases Biggest Hit In 1979

There are a lot of songs besides “In America” that come to mind for the Charlie Daniels Band and their fans. But there’s little doubt that their biggest hit was “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.”

The original idea was to raise the use of the fiddle in their music. When anyone hears that song, Daniels’ searing fiddle comes roaring out of your car stereo or radio. It’s an unmistakable sound.

It was Daniels’ first No. 1 hit and was the debut single from the band’s “Million Mile Reflections” album. That record would later go double platinum by selling more than 2 million albums as of 1986.

“The Devil Went Down To Georgia” was added at the last minute to the album.

“We had gone in and rehearsed, written and recorded the music for our ‘Million Mile Reflections’ album, and all of a sudden we said, ‘We don’t have a fiddle song,’” Daniels recalled to Songfacts. “I don’t know why we didn’t discover that, but we went out, and we took a couple of days’ break from the recording studio, went into a rehearsal studio, and I just had this idea: ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia.’”

If you’d like to listen to a live version of the song, then feast your ears on this performance.

‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Picks Daniels Classic For TV Show

Bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman, known for his worldwide success in his “Dog The Bounty Hunter” TV show, is coming out with a new show.

“Dog Unleashed” needed a theme song to match Chapman’s style. He chose Daniels’ classic “Simple Man” to open it up.

“Simple Man” perfectly sets the mood for a meaner, more ferocious Dog the Bounty Hunter. Some of the song’s lyrics include “I ain’t nothin’ but a simple man/They call me a redneck I reckon that I am/ But there’s things going on/That make me mad down to the core.

Chapman, on this show, will not be going after runners who skipped bail or committed petty theft. Nope, his aim is for the rapists, murderers, and child molesters of the world. Families of victims hired Chapman to hunt down and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Daniels believed in justice and freedom. Chapman does, too, in his own way. Bringing the song into the new show will give it a new vibe.

Take a listen to the Charlie Daniels Band performing “Simple Man.”