Country Throwback: Clint Black Performs ‘Killin Time’ on ‘Nashville Now’ in 1989

by Quentin Blount

It’s another day and that means it’s time for another edition of our country throwback series. This time, we are going back to 1989 when country star Clint Black performs “Killin’ Time” on Nashville Now.

“Killin’ Time” is a song from the country singer-songwriter’s 1989 debut album of the same name. The album enjoyed chart-topping success thanks to its first four singles and was a huge hit upon its release. There’s no question that it helped to establish Black as one of the biggest new stars in country music at the time. The album is currently certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

The album features several huge hit songs like “A Better Man,” “Nothing’s News,” “Walking Away,” “Nobody’s Home,” and of course, “Killin’ Time.” All of these songs except “Nothing’s News” went on to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Hot Country Songs chart. Meanwhile, “Nothing’s News” reached No. 3. In addition, “A Better Man” and “Nobody’s Home” were declared the number one songs of 1989 and 1990, respectively, according to Billboard.

“Killin’ Time” was co-written by Clint Black and Hayden Nicholas. It saw its release in July of 1989 as the second single and title track from his debut album. The song was his second number-one hit on the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles chart. When Billboard published its year-end Hot Country Singles chart for 1989, “Killin’ Time” was the No. 2 song of the year — one spot behind “A Better Man.”

The successes of the two songs and his debut album as a whole were instrumental in helping him win the Country Music Association’s Horizon Award in 1989.

Enjoy the video below of one of Clint Black’s first TV appearances way back in 1989, on Nashville Now!

Clint Black Celebrates 59th Birthday

Clint Black recently celebrated a birthday on Feb. 4th, turning 59 years old. The country star has without a doubt put together an incredible career. It’s been a joy to be able to witness all of the impressive moments and Black’s rise to the top of country music.

However, perhaps one of the most interesting things about Black is that he is one of the only country music stars to at least co-write every one of his hit songs. This personal connection to the music he performs allows Clint Black to feel the songs he performs a little more deeply than some other artists.

“The target aside from all of the other obvious ones is to be original,” Black said in a 2018 interview. “So unless you want to listen to every ounce of everything that’s out there so you’ll know you’re not like anything else, you’re better off, I think, to stay away.”

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