Country Throwback: Eric Church Halts Concert to Breakup Fight During 2019 Show

by Matthew Wilson

Eric Church isn’t just an award-winning musician. He’s also a peacekeeper, especially when people are trying to incite violence at one of his shows.

During a concert stop in Boston in 2019, fans got a little too out of control for the singer’s tastes. A couple of rowdy fans decided to ruin the show for thousands. But Church quickly set them in their place.

On Twitter, one of the fans wrote, “Never have I ever seen [Eric Church] have to stop a show before. Night 1 of Boston and he had to pause These Boots. Drunk lady hit a teenager with her boot, started a ruckus.”

The incident started after a drunk woman struck a teenager with her boot. Church was singing his popular song “These Boots” at the time. As part of the concert, fans will often hold up cowboy boots for the country singer to grab. Some of the boots will carry messages for Church. But one concert-goer got a little too carried away during the song.

Noticing the commotion, Church stopped mid-song to try to break the fight up. His band quickly followed as the rest of the crowd got upset with the rowdy fans.

“No fighting, no fighting, no fighting,” he said calmly. ” I don’t sing if you fight, that’s the way it goes. I don’t sing if you fight.”

When they failed to listen, Church issued them a warning. “I’ll kick all of y’all’s a–,” he told them. He also urged them to “quit that s–t.”

Fortunately, the fans quickly listened, and Church resumed the concert as normal.

Eric Church Loves His Fans

Eric Church has always had a special relationship with his fans. For instance, his fans have inspired some of his songs including “Through My Ray-Bans.” That song was dedicated to the memory of the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival victims.

Last year, he also released a video dedicated to his fans and the love and support they showed him. Church has even been known to surprise them from time to time. For instance, he made a guest appearance in a parking lot and at a taco truck in between shows in 2019.

So the fact that Church wants them to have a good time shows how much the singer cares about his audiences.