Country Throwback: Garth Brooks Debuted ‘Coast to Coast Live’ TV Special 19 Years Ago Today

by Matthew Wilson

In this country throwback, it’s been 19 years since Garth Brooks debuted his Coast to Coast Live TV specials. Brooks performed the televised concerts back in 2001.

Brooks announced the trio of shows in part to promote his then-new album Scarecrow. He also considered the concerts as part of a farewell to country music when he considered retiring at the time. Scarecrow was Brooks’ 10th studio album. By this point in his career, Brooks had been performing for over a decade.

In an interview with, Brooks discussed his fears that his music was becoming outdated. He also desired to explore other passions outside of country music.

“I’m getting older and fatter and set in my ways,” Brook told the outlet at the time. “We said we would do what we could to promote (the album) up to Christmas, then that page in our life will turn, and whatever is next in our life, we will turn to.”

Garth Brooks Performed Three Concerts

According to Rolling Stone, Brooks performed the concerts on three consecutive Wednesday nights, starting on Nov. 14. The country singer held the first concert in the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, California. For his second concert, Brooks played for military members who had been stationed in the Middle East. He performed on the USS Enterprise in Norfolk, Virginia. For the third concert, Brooks performed in South Padre Island, Texas.

According to CMT, broadcast networks began televising these events mid-concert. But Brooks and his team had designed the concerts to work around commercial breaks. The specials ended after an hour, but Brooks continued to play for an additional hour. The outlet said Brooks decided on some of the songs mid-performance, playing many of his signature hits. He performed “Squeeze Me In” alongside future wife Trisha Yearwood.

For his third concert, a fan on IMBD said Brooks dealt with pouring rains and stormy conditions. Rather than cancel the concert, Brooks continued to perform.

“Despite the poor weather conditions and losing equipment, he didn’t complain about being out on stage (he laughed about it) and gave an awesome performance,” they said.

Fortunately for country music fans, Brooks continued to perform and produce new albums. He won CMA Entertainer of the Year last year and was nominated again in 2020.