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Country Throwback: Garth Brooks Hit Billboard No. 1 With a Billy Joel Song

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by James Schnepf/Getty Images)

In this country throwback, we’re taking it back to the time Garth Brooks covered a Billy Joel song. He didn’t only cover this song, but he also made it a hit.

Garth Brooks tried his country twang and guitar playing skills at “Shameless.” The country legend covered it for his 1991 album, Ropin’ the Wind. As a matter of fact, it actually features background vocals from his future wife, Trisha Yearwood.

Brooks’ version reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Moreover, Billy Joel wrote and recorded the song for his Storm Front album in 1989.

Brooks and Joel actually performed the song live together. In 2008, Brooks, a fan of Joel’s, joined him during a 2008 performance in front of a sold-out crowd. The two covered the song together at Shea Stadium, marking one of the last live performances to take place at the legendary venue. The duo’s appearance is on Joel’s Live at Shea Stadium CD and DVD, which were released in 2011.

In the video above, the band starts playing “Shameless” and Brooks walks onto the stage. He’s wearing a Mets jersey and walks over to the “Piano Man.” Brooks gives Joel a hug and then turns to address the sold-out crowd. The two sing the song in beautiful unison, which gives a nod to its pop and rock influences.

Garth Brooks Releases New Music

Garth Brooks is slowly releasing new music, as a matter of fact. This is his twelfth studio album, Fun. The record will drop on November 20.

Singles like, “All Day Long,” “Stronger Than You,” as well as “Dive Bar” that features fellow country crooner Blake Shelton. Brooks says his favorite song on the album is “Sometimes You’ve Got to Die to Live Again.” He doesn’t like to compare it to “The Dance,” but he says there’s just something about this track.

The record was set to release earlier this year, but he postponed it due to the pandemic. However, he just “ran out of time,” and decided to finally release it. “This should have been released last Christmas because we’d been working on it forever,” he explained. “So I think it’s just time, you know?”