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Country Throwback: Garth Brooks Needs Crowd’s Help Finishing Singing ‘Mom’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for NARAS

Country artist Garth Brooks has been entertaining fans since the ’80s. However, he’s done a lot more than just entertain his fans. For many hardcore Brooks fans, his music speaks to them in really heartwarming ways.

In 2014, the artist released his song “Mom.” The song is an emotional tribute to what it’s like to have a loving mother.

“You’ll never have a better friend / Or a warmer touch to tuck you in / She’ll kiss your bruises, your bumps and scrapes / And anytime you hurt / Her heart’s gonna break.”

Brooks Sings ‘Mom’ to a Fan

For one country fan, last year was a year that had both ups and downs.

In a concert in Boise, Idaho, Bobbee Rudy stood in the audience. She had just lost her mother, Shirley Mower, at age 91.

“I always lived right by my mom. We just always did everything together. We had a very close relationship. She was just one of those great people,” Rudy told Good Morning America.

Only two weeks after her death, her family drove from Wyoming to see him in concert in Denver. Then they drove even further to see him in Boise.

Garth Brooks always reads song requests of fans signs and Rudy had, “My mom passed away 2 weeks ago can you sing ‘Mom.'”

“I think music is a part of the healing process. I’d be honored to sing ‘Mom.” Then after hearing the mother’s name he said, “I know you still talk to Shirley, you tell her I say hey. OK?”

Garth Brooks shared that he lost his mom 20 years ago and thinks about her every day. The country artist sang the song, bringing himself to a really emotional state. In fact, the audience had to chime in to help him finish the live performance.

Rudy and her family were so appreciative of the intimate moment. Another person from the concert later approached the family saying her mom died one day after Rudy’s.

Garth Brooks’ Mom

Garth Brooks has a way of connecting with his fans. A great part of that is because he makes music that is connected to his life and his emotions.

Colleen Carroll was Brooks’ mom.

According to Wide Open Country, his mom was also a country artist in the ’50s. She was on Ozark Jubilee and recorded sides for different labels.

She created her most popular hits “No Tellin” and “Blue Bonnet Waltz” off a release from Cardinal Records.

“Friday and Saturday nights at the house, Jerry played guitar, Jim played the harmonica, Mike played guitar, Betsy played guitar, and, of course, Dad played guitar. Mom sang her butt off, Dad sang, Betsy sang, Jerry sang, Jim sang, Mike sang. Kelly and I played the wax comb,” Brooks told Playboy in 1994.

The singer passed away in 1999 from throat cancer. “Mom,” originally performed by Bonnie Tyler, is a song all about memories of a son about his mother.