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Country Throwback: George Jones, Tammy Wynette Perform ‘We Loved It Away’ on 1974 TV Show

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images)

Many years ago, country music fans were looking at George Jones and Tammy Wynette as potentially becoming a power couple on stage.

Jones and Wynette teamed up on some of country’s legendary songs together and had impressive individual careers. When on stage, their voices blended beautifully. Off-stage, though, the couple had their troubles.

Fans remember the voices, though. They remember the music, which has carried on from generation to generation.

They made a stop on TV’s “Pop! Goes The Country” in 1974 to sing “We Loved It Away.” Take a listen to two country legends and their voices.

Wynette and Jones were married in 1969, but the relationship didn’t last forever.

They did have one daughter, Georgette, who shared about growing up with the stars in her book, “The Three of Us: Growing Up with Tammy and George.”

George Jones and Tammy Wynette divorced when Georgette was 4 years old, starting a trend of bad marriages and tough times for Wynette.

Tammy Wynette Scores Big Hit With ‘Stand By Your Man’

Individually, Wynette had made her mark on country music with her No. 1 hit “Stand By Your Man.”

Wynette wrote the song alongside Billy Sherrill in 1968. They were in a Nashville recording studio where they were trying to find the final song for her fifth album. Sherrill had a note in his pocket with the lyric, “I’ll Stand By You, You Please Stand By Me.” 

Because “Stand By Me” from Ben E. King was a recent hit, they wanted to change it up. According to accounts, a band member suggested the new song title. The song was written in just 15 minutes.

George Jones Did His Best To Maneuver Through Life

Jones was known to have alcohol and drug issues, ones that plagued him in his career. He earned the nickname “No Show Jones” for skipping out on concerts.

When George Jones met his fourth wife, Nancy, it was through a blind date. But there was something, though, that kept Nancy around when others could not stay with him.

Nancy Sepulvado wasn’t a fan of his music, but her friend was dating Jones’ manager. She took her to one of his concerts and, well, she fell for both the music and the man. They were married in 1983 at Jones’ sister’s home in the Pineywoods area of Southeast Texas, specifically in Woodville, Texas.

She knew about Jones’ issues, yet looked beyond them to see the good side of George Jones. After a car crash put him in a hospital in 1999, Jones faced the music and got sober. He would remain that way, still married to Nancy, until his death.