Country Throwback: George Jones and Tammy Wynette Reunite for 1995 CMA Awards Duet

by Matthew Wilson

They were once known as the royalty of country music. In this throwback, George Jones and Tammy Wynette reunite for one of the final times.

The two legends took the stage at the 1995 CMA Awards for a special duet that wowed their fans. Their collaboration was a look at their many years performing together and also the ups and downs along the way. They performed perhaps their most famous hit “Golden Ring,” as well as new songs. Even after all those years, they didn’t miss a beat.

In 1995, it had been almost 15 years since the couple took the stage together or recorded an album. But Wynette and Jones reunited to put together “One,” which turned out to be their final album together. At the 1995 CMA Awards, they performed several tunes from that album as well.

Tammy Wynette Stopped Loving Him Today

In the 1970s, George Jones and Tammy Wynette became one of country music’s power couples. Famously, Jones declared his love for Wynette after she had a fight with her husband at dinner. By 1969, the two were married and a year later had a daughter together.

On stage, they were more powerful than ever. But cracks began to form in their marriage and personal lives. Jones’ addiction and drinking strained their relationship. The marriage ended up not to be, and the two divorced in 1975. Despite their relationship ending, the two remained good friends until Wynette’s death in 1998.

Part of them loved each other until the day that they died. Wynette admitted at one time that she felt lost after her divorce from Jones. After her death, Jones reflected on their relationship and friendship together.

“I am just very glad that we were able to work together and tour together again,” Jones said. “In the end, we were very close friends, and now I have lost that friend. And I couldn’t be sadder.”