Country Throwback: George Strait Serenades Massive Texas Crowd with ‘I Can Still Make Cheyenne’

by Atlanta Northcutt

George Strait treated a Texas crowd with his hit “I Can Still Make Cheyenne.”

George Strait Lulls the Audience Into Blissful Harmony

Strait made a stop in Kansas City in 2014 during his final tour of “The Cowboy Rides Away.”

He serenaded thousands with the song, one of his biggest hits.

Following his performance, he returned to the city’s stage again in 2019. He brought out his 11-piece Ace in the Hole Band and serenaded listeners with the renowned tune.

The Touching Performance at the Kansas City Astrodome

Over 18,000 people attended the show at the Astrodome. While watching one of Strait’s finest performances, he is seen walking from one corner of the stage to the next serenading many with his deep vocals that are intertwined with the rhythmic tunes he produces with his guitar and 11-piece live band.

However, during this song, the singer stays still and moves the audience with the sheer purity of his vocals and guitar-playing skills.

A pulling of the violin opens the show, immediately entrancing viewers. The beauty of the instrument continues throughout Strait’s performance.

The crowd erupts upon hearing the opening chords and continues throughout the rest of the ballad.

Strait’s Country Ballad

The single definitely makes listeners feel the raw emotion pouring out of his lyrics. The simple beauty of his guitar and the stringed instrument pulls on fans’ emotions, creating a bittersweet shock to the heart.

“In that Cheyenne wind, you could still her sing,” the singer belts out while entertaining the audience of nearly 80,000 people before taking on the chorus twice.

George Strait’s 1996 song comes from his third album “Blue Clear Sky.” The song gained popularity and became a fan-favorite.

“I Can Still Make Cheyenne” is written by Aaron Barker and Erv Woolsey. It tells the story of a cowboy and rodeo hand as he continuously leaves to venture into the blue yonder for work. His wife’s loneliness isn’t forsaken as she ends up leaving him due to his line of work and the prickly schedule that comes with the career description. The classic came early in Strait’s career and is still one of the fan favorites.