Country Throwback: George Strait Sings First Duet with Grandson on ‘God & Country Music’

by Keeli Parkey

George Strait made his 2019 album a family affair when he performed a duet with a very special person in his life.

The King of Country Music became a grandfather in 2012 when his son Bubba and wife Tamara welcomed George Harvey Strait III into the world. The boy, known as Harvey, joined Strait on the song “God & Country Music.” The duet appears on the album “Honky Tonk Time Machine.”

The song reflects the enduring nature of country music, faith and the significance they have in the lives of many. It was written by Luke Laird Barry Dean and Lori McKenna.

“God and country music, they both showed you the truth,” Strait sings. “You’ve seen the low of the valley and the highs of the mountains too. Folded hands and guitar strings, jukebox preachers and angels singin’. Call you like they knew ya, between the hell and hallelujah.”

The song also encapsulates the sometimes seemingly incompatible nature of a faith that brings peace and calmness and a musical genre that often celebrates raising a ruckus. The song also makes the case for preserving a way of life that makes faith in God and the values often shared through country music a priority.

“There’s always lost and the found. And the darkness in the I-saw-the-light,” George Strait sings. “It’s still livin’ in the small towns. In some church and backroad honky tonk tonight. It’s a dance between the sin and the salvation. Come hell or high water, there’s two things still worth saving. God and country music.”

Strait Releases “Honky Tonk Time Machine”

Strait was very happy to share the duet with Harvey and other new songs with his fans in 2019.

“I’m really excited to have some new music coming out,” Strait said at the time of the album’s release. “… I hope everyone enjoys listening to ‘Honky Tonk Time Machine’ as much as I enjoyed making it.”

Watch George Strait and Harvey perform “God & Country Music” during the Houston Rodeo Show in March 2019 below. Strait is clearly a proud grandpa as the adorable Harvey shines in the spotlight. Like grandfather, like grandson. “You did great, Harvey,” Strait said as the youngster left the stage.

George Strait Shares Respect for Willie Nelson

Harvey wasn’t the only special guest on “Honky Tonk Time Machine.” Country music legend Willie Nelson joined Strait on the aptly-titled track, “Sing One With Willie.” This song was written by Strait, Nelson, Bubba Strait and Buddy Cannon.

This song gives Strait his first chance to collaborate with Nelson. “I ain’t never got to sing one with Willie,” Strait sings. “And I’ve held it inside long enough. Now I ain’t too proud, so I’m going to shout it out loud. I ain’t never got to sing one with Willie.”

In January 2019, Strait got to take the stage with Nelson for a duet of Nelson’s “Good Hearted Woman.” The performance was part of the special concert, “Willie: Life & Songs of An American Outlaw.”