Country Throwback: Hank Williams Jr. Tells Kix Brooks Awesome Story About His Father in 2015

by Madison Miller

The “Hey Good Lookin'” and “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” singer, Hank Williams, passed away back in the ’50s. However, he’s got someone looking after his legacy.

His son, Hank Williams Jr. didn’t know his father very well. He was very young when his father passed away. As a result, he relies on old stories from friends to keep him connected to the kind of man Hank Williams was.

In a 2015 interview, Williams talks about his passion for hunting, writing music, and his father with Kix Brooks.

With a big cigar hanging out of his mouth, Hank Williams Jr. talks about hunting mule deer, bears, and other big game. He will periodically pause, take a big drag on his cigar, blowing the smoke out quickly, and continue talking.

He recalls a time when he went hunting in Montana. Later that night, he appeared at a show in Las Vegas. The trip was so tiresome and long that he was beyond sore.

He joked people would think he was so old and that’s why he was having a hard time walking to the mic.

Hank Williams Jr. Replicates His Father

While both of the Williams men have written and performed their own music, hunting seemed to always be the conversation at hand. In the video, Williams recalls a conversation he had with Minnie Pearl.

“He didn’t say anything about the music part. He had to tell me his next story about his squirrel dog.”

It’s hard for Hank Williams Jr. to remember too much about his dad. Luckily for him, he was an icon in the industry. Even though he always wanted to talk about hunting with Pearl, now his son knows just how much he has in common with his father.

Williams was always impressed with the talent his father possessed. He recalled specifically just how quickly and out of nowhere his dad could write a song.

“You were driving to the farm to feed the dogs and you wrote that,” Williams said in reference to one of Williams’ older songs.

Williams doesn’t shy away from how important he thinks he is to the industry. In fact, he said, “I’m what you call a motivated icon” during the interview.

In the interview, Williams talked about being excited to hunt with new people in the country industry. He didn’t mention, however, that time Sarah Palin wanted to go moose hunting with him.

According to a 2008 People article, Palin reached out to Williams to share she was a huge fan and that she also hunts moose. The two apparently talked about getting together in Montana to hunt together. It’s unclear if they ever actually did.