Country Throwback: Jamey Johnson Receives Standing Ovation Nailing Kenny Rogers’ ‘Just Dropped In’ in 2017

by Clayton Edwards

Jamey Johnson is an incredible musician. Whether belting his own tunes or covering legendary hits, the big man’s pipes are up to the task. The country singer-songwriter showed his range when he covered “Just Dropped In” at Kenny Rogers’ farewell concert event. The show, “Kenny Rogers: All in for the Gambler” was the Gambler’s final farewell to Nashville and the stage. Johnson sent him off properly.

The only available video of the performance is terrible at best. You really can’t see what’s happening on the stage. You do, however, get some shots of in-seat dancing and drinking. The video isn’t the important part, though. The audio in this clip is surprisingly good. That’s what really matters. You don’t need to see what’s going on to know that Jamey Johnson is destroying the stage. If you need any indication of how the crowd felt about his performance of the song, just wait until the end. After Jamey Johnson finishes and the final musical break fades, the crowd goes absolutely insane.

More on “Just Dropped In” and Jamey Johnson’s Performance

There’s a good chance that you didn’t realize that Kenny Rogers performed this classic psychedelic rock song. Before the Gambler was a country music icon, he dabbled in both jazz and trippy rock and roll. The First Edition originally released the song in 1968. The song peaked at number five on the charts. Kenny Rogers found fame with The First Edition in the sixties before embarking on his solo country music career in the mid-seventies.

If you listen to either the original version or Jamey Johnson’s performance of the song, you’ll notice a slight change in vocals. Over the course of the song, the vocals become more intense. The guitar solo, which comes in the middle of the song, has a slightly sinister and discordant tone. You’ll also notice that the lyrics get a little darker as the song goes on and they don’t make much sense at face value. That’s all intentional.

The song reflects a bad acid trip. When “Just Dropped In” was released LSD was incredibly popular. This song was written to be a warning against using the drug. The best way to talk people out of doing LSD is by telling them about a bad trip. It doesn’t matter if Jamey Johnson or Kenny Rogers is singing it, it sounds great but it also sounds like a really bad time.

Whether you dig into the meaning of the lyrics or just like the song at face value, Jamey Johnson killed it.