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Country Throwback: Jason Aldean Covers Kid Rock’s ‘Cowboy’ in 2010 Concert

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In this country throwback, we are going back a decade to when country star Jason Aldean covered the hit Kid Rock song “Cowboy.”

Aldean has been a megastar in the country music industry for years. At his concerts, he sometimes even throws in some country rap, with songs such as “Dirt Road Anthem. He also has a traditional show closer in his cover version of Kid Rock’s “Cowboy.”

Aldean is a terrific performer and is a treat to watch live in concert. That was the case once again in 2010 when he performed the cover of “Cowboy” in Fayetteville, North Carolina, at the Crown Coliseum.

Fresh on the heels of back-to-back No. 1 singles “She’s Country” and “Big Green Tractor,” Aldean sold out the venue in what was his first headlining tour. Have a look at the incredible performance for yourself:

After selling out the Crown Coliseum in 2010, Aldean returned to the venue in 2012. He returned with three more No. 1 singles under his belt, and sold out again.

By his last visits in 2014 and 2016, Aldean was a bonafide superstar with a dozen No. 1 hits, scores of awards, and millions of records sold.

“Cowboy” is a song by Kid Rock from his album Devil Without a Cause. The song is widely noted for its popular country rap style. It is perhaps the best reflection of the cross-section of Kid Rock’s country music, Southern rock, and hip hop influences.

Jason Aldean Reveals Cowboy-Centric Music Vid

Jason Aldean offered his fans a little behind-the-scenes look at his latest video for “Blame It On You.” Aldean posted a short clip on Instagram early this month while finishing up the cowboy-centric music video.

In addition, the singer-songwriter added a short note: “Just shot the brand new music video for ‘Blame it on you.’ Can’t wait for u guys to check it out here in a couple weeks. Here’s a little sneak peek.”

According to Aldean’s website, “Blame It On You” was released in late October.

Furthermore, the new Aldean song was written by Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, John Edwards, Michael Tyler, and Brian White.

“When I hear songs like ‘Blame It On You’ that have more of a pop side but are still killer…I always want to see what we can do with it,” Aldean said. “The demo had this really cool auto-tune in the background that I immediately knew we needed to leave in there. We ended up cranking it up and now it almost sounds like there’s another singer on the song. It’s just really cool.”