Country Throwback: Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan Team Up for ‘My Kinda Party’ Performance in 2010

by Jennifer Shea

Country singers Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan got together to perform a rollicking version of Aldean’s song “My Kinda Party” at Georgia’s Gwinnett Arena in 2010. 

Watch it here:

Aldean and Bryan Make A Good Team

That wasn’t the last time the duo teamed up. In 2019, Aldean and Bryan also worked together to open a new restaurant, E3 Chophouse, in Nasvhille. MLB player Adam LaRoche went in on it with them.

According to Popculture, both singers owned their own restaurants already. Aldean’s is Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar. Bryan’s is Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink.

“Jason and Luke jokingly talked for years about opening an E3 Chophouse in Nashville, and over time those talks became more serious,” LaRoche said in a statement when they announced the partnership. “This is the town they call home, and they’re directly involved in the development and design of the restaurant. It’s come a long way from Luke wearing the E3 hat I made as a novelty many years ago, and we are humbled and excited to bring the restaurant to Music City.”

What E3 Chophouse Stands For

Meanwhile, LaRoche already runs an E3 Chophouse in Colorado. But he said he was eager to partner with Aldean and Bryan on the Nashville venture.

Further, on the E3 Chophouse website, he explained that their efforts include the E3 Foundation, which supports veterans’ causes and combating human trafficking. The foundation gets 10% of all proceeds from the E3 Meat Company and the E3 Chophouse.

“I don’t know that we’d be doing any of this if it weren’t for the mission of the foundation,” said LaRoche. “We push for the companies to be successful so we can put more into the E3 Foundation… We look forward to serving in Nashville through initiatives and events. There will be no shortage of patriotism when you walk into E3 Chophouse. It’ll be pretty evident what we stand for.”