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Country Throwback: Jason Aldean Speaks on Early Success in 2005 Interview

by Will Shepard
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

A young Jason Aldean appeared on Herb Sudzin’s country talk show to discuss the success of his career. Aldean talks about several important things.

Although Sudzin is unsure as to how to pronounce Aldean’s last name, he does get it right.

Regardless, Sudzin is excited to bring the country world a brand new star in the making. Aldean had just released the new hit single, “Hicktown.”

Aldean joyfully describes the success of “Hicktown” and what it has meant to him. Although the song hadn’t broken the top ten when the interview took place, it did so later on in the year.

Aldean proceeds to promote his new album coming out July 26, 2005. This album would go on to do very well on the charts. Three songs from the album Jason Aldean land in the top ten making it a massive success.

Additionally the singing, creating, and touring kept Aldean incredibly busy, but he seems happy with it.

“Who’d you open for so far in your career?” Trying to think about who he’s opened for, Aldean can’t come up with a start, so Sudzin rephrases, “Who haven’t you opened for? Maybe that’s a better question.”

Aldean laughs and says “Yeah, that’s a better question.”

Aldean continues though, naming some superstars he’s played with.

“Faith Hill and Kenny Chesney; Clay Walker; Blake Shelton; Pat Green, so uh, it’s a good man, we’re having fun.”

Jason Aldean and His Success

In high spirits, Aldean cheerily talks about the things he is learning from the people he’s touring alongside.

“I think you learn something new anytime you’re getting to open for guys like that. There’s always something you can take out of it.”

Aldean gives further details of the quick success he found at the time, which includes his Grand Ole Opry debut.

“I actually made my Grand Ole Opry debut about a month ago and um, which is overwhelming man. That place and aura that it has is unbelievable. They actually asked me to come back, so we just went back and played it for a second time which was cool.”

All in all, he is reflective and happy to be where he is in his career. But he doesn’t stop there and continues to talk about how grateful he is for his success.

Aldean remarks on how cool it is to be in his situation. Performing at the Grand Ole Opry is no small feat. He recognizes this and is visibly grateful to have the opportunity to perform where so many greats have made names for themselves.

“As an artist, it’s the one stage that you wanna play on and for them to ask you back is pretty special.”