Country Throwback: Kenny Chesney Performs Iconic Rendition of ‘I Go Back’ in Rainstorm

by Joe Rutland

Never let it be said that country music singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney will not do anything for his fans. That includes singing in the rain.

On a stormy Saturday night in 2009, Chesney and his band played 50 minutes before a packed crowd at Pizza Hut Stadium. Yet the storm was too much, leading the show to be canceled. The same storm, by the way, caused damage to the Dallas Cowboys’ training facility that injured 12 people.

The heavy rainfall threatened the safety of Chesney’s stage, therefore causing the cancellation. Yet Chesney wasn’t going to go down without a fight, so to speak.

He looked out into the crowd as rain poured down on him and everyone there. Under the guise of that old adage “the show must go on,” Chesney starts singing “I Go Back.”

Take a look at Kenny Chesney performing this hit song back in 2009.

In an interview after getting back home to Nashville, Chesney was asked if he’d ever performed in the rain.

“Played in the rain, but never anything like that,” he said. “I admit it was a lot of fun. … Once we got out there, it was a lot of fun. It’s really amazing, once everybody knows that this is the way it is going to be, they kind of resigned to the fact (and decide to) have a great time.

“The energy was unbelievable in that stadium there in Dallas,” he said. “There was just such a connection. It just made me feel unbelievable that my fan base there — and everybody in that stadium — would sit through a rainstorm like that to hear a piece of music. It just goes to show you how really passionate, how loyal fans are.”

Kenny Chesney Song Offers Reflection For Eric Church

Eric Church really misses the ocean. Or, more specifically, he misses the way the ocean felt when he was a teenager, and he had all of Nashville and his life laid before him.

Church reveals that his favorite Kenny Chesney song is “Anything But Mine” because it reminds him of his youth.

Speaking with SiriusXM, Church reflected on the beach trips he took as a young kid.

As a boy in North Carolina, the beach felt like a faraway place. But Church always valued those trips to Myrtle Beach, S.C. He even went there once on a senior trip as a high schooler. The country singer confessed he can still smell the salt in the air, especially when he listens to Chesney’s “Anything But Mine.”

“It paints the most beautiful image of everything I lived,” Church said. “I was there, I can smell the salt in the air. But’s it’s the resolves of this song that’s the true genius. It’s the way it lays … And being that age and being in that moment, for that night, knowing what the future didn’t hold, there’s nothing like the freedom of that.”

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