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Country Throwback: Kenny Chesney’s ‘No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems’ Album Certified Double-Platinum 18 Years Ago Today

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Laura Farr/Getty Images)

In this country throwback, we’re examining Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes No Shirt No Problem album which went platinum 18 years ago today. 

In the mid-1990s, Chesney initially emerged onto the country music scene as a songwriter. However, in the early 2000s, he transitioned from an unknown songwriter into the country music superstar he’s known as today. 

In 2002, he took the country music scene by storm when he released his album, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, an album that would later become his most successful record. The blue-collar themes in his music, combined with his ability to energize a crowd, make it easy for fans to connect with Chesney.

The album release would give Chesney two Academy of Country Music Awards: Best Single (“The Good Stuff”) as well as Male Artist of the Year. 

Since then, Chesney has continued his climb to country music superstardom. Chesney has gone on to win numerous Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association awards. Selling more than 30 million albums and creating 22 number one singles, many consider Chesney to be one of the most popular entertainers of all time. 

Jimmy Buffet’s Influence on Kenny Chesney

Chesney could attribute the achievement of No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem to many factors, but the influence of Jimmy Buffet is a crucial element. Prior to the album’s release, Chesney visited the island of St. John to shoot a music video. While filming, he quickly fell in love with the Virgin Islands and bought a house on St. John. Chesney took the idea of escaping to an island and transferred that into his songs. 

Another aspect of the album’s success would be the authenticity of the lyrics. Chesney hasn’t forgotten his Tennessee roots, something that’s evident in the tracks “Never Gonna Feel Like That Again” and “Young.” 

One critic described the album by saying, “What I like the most about Kenny Chesney is the honesty that comes through in all his songs. You can really feel what he is saying and believe that he really means it. There is something very appealing about Kenny. He is just a regular guy. It just seems like he could be your buddy, sitting around shooting the breeze. This CD is full of fun songs, like most of Kenny’s work, but it also has its share of thoughtful songs too.”