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Country Throwback: LeAnn Rimes’ 2002 Performance for Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Halftime Show

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Brian Rasic/WireImage/Getty Images

LeAnn Rimes certainly knows how to put on a show. It’s been 18 years since the country singer performed for millions at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Halftime Show.

Musicians in the following almost two decades had some pretty big shoes to fill. Rimes performed the half-time concert, which benefits the Salvation Army, way back in 2002. Rimes put on a spectacle during the show, performing two songs from her album “Twisted Angel.”

She played the more up-tempo and fast-paced “Life Goes On” and the more reflective, slower “The Safest Place.” The camera remained solely focused on Rimes through the performance. The half-time show featured everything from cheerleaders to color guard to shirtless trapeze artists flying on silk ropes.

Over the years, the Thanksgiving halftime show has attracted some pretty big talent. Eric Church, Sheryl Crow, Luke Bryan, and Kenny Chesney join Rimes in having played the concert. This year, Kane Brown will perform at the half-time show.

Fans Commented on LeAnn Rimes’ Performance

Several commenters on the video pointed out that Rimes’ potentially lip-synced her performance. But they still enjoyed the half-time concert anyway.

One person wrote, “Wow I have been looking for this forever! Thanks for uploading! Yeah, it’s lip-synched but so what? I’ve only seen her do that twice in her whole career and she is one of the best live performers out there so it doesn’t matter. Almost all halftime shows are lipped anyway. It was still beautiful.”

Another commented, “You know you are something special when you have all that stuff going on around you and everyone stays focused only on YOU!!! LeAnn knows how to capture an audience. Wonderful vocalist.”

One user commented that they hoped Rimes performed at the Super Bowl one day. They wrote, “I really hope LeAnn will perform for The Super Bowl half time show. She is very worthy for it. I really love lovely LeAnn. She is an angel of this world.”