Country Throwback: LeAnn Rimes Performs Majestic Rendition of ‘Light the Fire Within’ at 2002 Olympics

by Joe Rutland

Music helps capture the spirit of the Olympic Games. Country music singer LeAnn Rimes provides a big boost with her performance in 2002.

Rimes took to the international stage in Salt Lake City, Utah, and performed “Light the Fire Within,” a number off of her 2001 album “I Need You.”

LeAnn Rimes was surrounded by young people carrying lights, a symbolic way of letting the athletes know what they are doing is important.

She was supported in singing the song at the 2002 Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies by the Utah Symphony and The Choristers of the Cathedral of Madelaine Choir School.

LeAnn Rimes Song Calls For People To Look Within

The lyrics, written by David Foster and Linda Thompson, call for people to look within themselves for a burning flame that will dispel darkness and fear. LeAnn Rimes understands this from a personal standpoint as she has battled anxiety and depression in her life.

Here is the first verse and chorus for “Light the Fire Within.”

“Have no fear
When darkness falls
‘Cause there’s a light that shines
Within us all
Although this world
Can turn so cold
When we reach inside
We find some warmth
‘Cause there’s a flame that burns
In every heart
It’s the will we have
That lights the spark

Once in every lifetime
There’s a chance to stand apart
We can show the world our very best
Reveal what’s in our heart
So the story goes and glory
Never will end
Inspiration lights the fire within

Watch and listen to LeAnn Rimes singing this song at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Rimes Sings ‘Piece Of My Heart’ on ‘The Masked Singer’

Back in December, LeAnn Rimes ended up being the winner on FOX’s popular show “The Masked Singer.” Judges picked Rimes, who was dressed up as “Sun,” as the champion from the show’s fourth season.

Obviously, it might have caught viewers off-guard when hearing Rimes, a country music superstar in her own right, rip it up singing a Janis Joplin song.

Firstly, no one knew it was Rimes at all. Secondly, while known for having a powerful voice, she had to use it more to emphasize Joplin’s unique style.

But LeAnn Rimes poured her heart and soul into it, much like Joplin always did when on stage, and sang “Piece Of My Heart.”

The song is one of rock music’s classics, originally done by Joplin and backed by her band, Big Brother and the Holding Company.

Rimes’ effort ended up being important as it helped lead her to a “sunny” victory. Also, like her Winter Olympics performance and song, she helped shine a bright light into people’s lives watching from home.