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Country Throwback: LeAnn Rimes Performs for the Pope 21 Years Ago Today

by Madison Miller
Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/WireImage/GettyImages)

LeAnn Rimes is known for a lot of key milestones in her nearly 20 years in the industry. From her singing to songwriting to acting to even being an author, Rimes has dabbled in a little bit of everything.

Something earlier in her career perhaps not as easily remembered is when Rimes played for the Pope. She was only 17, it was 1999, and it was Thanksgiving Day. She was joined by Gary Oldman, Debra Messing, Jacqueline Bisset, Armin Mueller-Stahl, David O’Hara and Jeremy Sisto.

Rimes Performs for the Pope

The singer had traveled all the way to Rome to perform in front of Pope John Paul II. Rimes has been in the spotlight since she was 13 after releasing “Blue.” She was then the youngest person to win a Grammy as Best New Artist. Prior to performing for the Pope, she had just released a self-titled collection of country classics.

The artist covered “I Believe in You” a song written for her by Dan Muckala and Ty Lacy. The lyrics were regarding faith: “I believe in you/And nothin’ less/I believe in you/Can’t help myself/You’re all the hope, the reason that I need.”

The song was such a success, both in performance and subject material, that the Pope expressed his utmost appreciation.

From doing covers to being a performer for the Pope, it seems like a pretty large leap. Her choice of song impressed the Pope.

According to Taste of Country, after the show, a few members of the cast joined the Pope in a press screening of the film. He expressed to them that he was grateful the songs were religious in nature.

Rimes song “I Believe In You” would also later become the title song for “Jesus,” a television program.

Connecting With Spirituality

Now, Rimes seems to be continuing her pattern of connecting to her music on a whole different level.

She recently released her album “Chant: The Human & The Holy.” The album is a collection of her chants that she has found improves upon her own wellbeing.

She had decided to share that feeling with fans first by discussing her mentality on a blog she regularly updates. Then she started a candle business in which right before she’s done making the candle, she chants over them.

“’Be Still And Know’” was recorded at 528 hz, the frequency widely known as the ‘LovE frequency’ which is intrinsically tied to everything in creation and scientifically proven to heal DNA and promote a sense of freedom, LovE and peace, continued playing throughout the drying process,” Rimes wrote in an Instagram post.

Through the candles and the albums she hopes people can connect with something and look inward at themselves.