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Country Throwback: Luke Combs Performs ‘Even Though I’m Leaving’ on ‘The Voice’

by Will Shepard
(Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images)

As the CMA Awards show is all wrapped up, take a look back at Luke Combs on “The Voice.” On December 17, 2019, Luke combs performs his song “Even Though I’m Leaving.”

Luke Combs appeared on Season 17 of “The Voice” during the finale to celebrate the winner. He delivered a heartfelt performance of one of his most popular songs. The audience loves the song and is going nuts the whole time clapping and singing with Combs.

Though it was recently revealed why he was never a contestant on the voice, he made the most of his chance to take the stage during the season finale.

Combs’ powerful song is full of an important message. As his opening lyrics say:

Daddy, I’m afraid, won’t you stay a little while? Keep me safe ’cause there’s monsters right outside; Daddy, please don’t go, I don’t wanna be alone; ‘Cause the second that you’re gone they’re gonna know; Before he went to bed he grabbed my hand and said

Undoubtedly, a message about how his relationship with his dad is important to him. And he values the love and support he receives from his father.

Combs and His Message

As the chorus further emphasizes this message about the importance of healthy family relationships.

Just ’cause I’m leavin’; It don’t mean that I won’t be right by your side; When you need me; And you can’t see me in the middle of the night; Just close your eyes and say a prayer; It’s okay, I know you’re scared when I’m not here; But I’ll always be right there; Even though I’m leavin’, I ain’t goin’ nowhere

Equally as powerful as his live performance, Combs’ lyrics inspire anyone who delves into the song to be a good parent.

And this year, Combs still took home two CMA awards. Although “Entertainer of the Year” is not among the awards, he shouldn’t be the least bit disappointed. He won “Male Vocalist of the Year” as well as “Album of the Year” for his latest album, “What You See Is What You Get.” Undoubtedly a productive year for Combs, his fans eagerly await his next projects.