Country Throwback: Miranda Lambert Belts ‘Crazy’ Unplugged in 2017

by Kayla Zadel

“Crazy” might be a Patsy Cline original, but Miranda Lambert sings this song like it’s her own. She usually chooses to sing the song acoustically and that’s what she did in 2017 at one of her shows.

Miranda Lambert was in Manchester on her tour and it was time to sing “Crazy.” In this fan capture video, “Nashville Star” alum performs the song on stage with one of her band members.

As Lambert sings the lyrics, her strong, signature voice puts her touch on the tune. The chorus is where the singer-songwriter puts her emotion and soul as she sings, “I’m crazy / For thinkin’ that my love / Could hold you / I’m crazy for cryin’ / And crazy for tryin’ / And I’m crazy for lovin’ you.”

This 1961 single is perhaps one of Patsy Cline’s most memorable songs. Willie Nelson wrote the tune for the late legend and it actually helped catapult his career. Cline recorded the song on crutches because she was still recovering from her June 1961 car accident. Reports say she had a hard time getting through the recording sessions. However, she did and “Crazy” became her most legendary hit.

Miranda Lambert Is ‘Crazy’ About Her Animals

When Miranda Lambert isn’t on tour, she’s hanging out at her ranch and spending time with her animals. The country music singer is known to have horses, rabbits, dogs and cats.

She’s often showing them off on social media. The “Bluebird” singer’s dog, just made an appearance on Instagram the other day. He was playing in the snow, and Lambert snapped a photo and called him a “polar bear.” After all, he is a but white fluffy pooch sitting in the snow.

The one of Lambert’s horses named Gibson, even joined the singer-songwriter in her newest music video, “Settling Down.”

Miranda Lambert is such an animal lover, that she founded Muttnation in 2009 with her mother, Bev Lambert.