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Country Throwback: Miranda Lambert Cries After Inviting 8-Year-Old on Stage to Sing in 2019

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

There’s a reason why country music has stood the test of time, it’s not due to sheer luck. Sure the chords and lyrics are apart of it, but its success is mainly due to the relationship built between the fans and artists. Don’t take our word for it? The proof is evident through action. Miranda Lambert is one of the many country music artists who takes the time to cultivate a relationship with their fans. 

Miranda Lambert’s Heart Captured by 8-Year-Old

During a performance in 2019, while many of the fans were captivated by Lambert’s presence, but one little girl’s face was able to capture Lambert’s attention as well as her heart. 

The adorable face belonged to a little girl wearing a “Little Red Wagon” bow named Remi. 

Before beginning her song, “All Kinds of Kinds,” Lambert asked if they could bring one of her fans on stage. She pointed to the little lucky fan and turned Remi’s night into one she’ll never forget. 

“This little girl has stolen my heart all night long and I just want to meet her up close and personal,” Miranda said as the crew brought the young fan on stage. 

Remi told Lambert she was eight-years-old and that she was from Kansas City.

 “You came all the way from Kansas City to hear some music tonight?” Lambert asked her.

Soon, Lambert realized Remi was crying, which caused her to ask, “Why are you crying sweetheart, what’s the matter?”

Being only 8-years-old, Remi was overwhelmed with emotion, giving the reason for the tears. Being on stage in front of thousands of people, the bright lights, and getting to meet your idol, is nerve-racking enough even for an adult. 

Remi agreed to stay on stage with Lambert, and the two shared a duet on “All Kind of Kinds.”

As Remi continued to cry during the song, Lambert found herself crying as wellLambert attempted to continue the song but couldn’t. Finding herself full of emotions just like Remi, she took a moment to feel it all. 

After the two shared more tears, they finished the song together. At one point, Lambert handed over the mic to Remi. Despite her crying, Remi sang the song beautifully. To conclude, the two shared a hug and walked her off stage. 

Thankfully the tender moment was captured on film. In the Youtube description of the video, Lambert wrote, “Thank you for the tears and smiles and for being who you are,” she continued, “You inspired all of us last night. I’ll never forget you.”