Country Throwback: Randy Travis Stars in Christmas Movie in 1995

by Emily Morgan

For many Americas, the holidays are a time to gather with family, enjoy holiday meals and watch festive movies together. If you’re looking for a holiday film that stars a classic country singer with a Christmas backdrop, look no further. In 1995, country legend Randy Travis made his Christmas movie debut when he starred in, A Holiday to Remember. 

Originally released on the ABC Family channel, the movie is based on a novel titled, A Christmas Love by Kathleen Creighton. Directed by Jud Taylor, the movie’s protagonist, Carolyn, leaves the big city with her daughter Jordi for her small, South Carolina hometown. Carolyn runs into her former fiancé, played by the ’90s country star, and the couple rekindles their romance. 

The film made its debut on CBS on December 12, 1995. In 2009, ABC included it in the “25 Days of Christmas” programming block. Ten years later, it re-emerged on the competing “AMC Best Christmas Ever” block. Eric Robertson composed the film’s score.

Randy Travis: Country Music Legend & Successful Actor

Besides being an award-winning legend in the country music industry, Travis has also had a lucky hand in the film and TV industry. In the 1990s, Travis began concentrating on an acting career. He captured roles in made-for-TV movies such as Dead Man’s Revenge (1994) and Steel Chariots (1997). The country singer also made appearances on some of TV’s most popular series, including Touched By an AngelFraiser, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Later in the decade, Travis landed supporting roles in the feature films such as The Rainmaker (1997), TNT (1998), and The Million Dollar Kid (1999). At the same time his acting career soared, so did his career in country music. He continued to make music while acting when he released Full Circle,  You And You Alone, and A Man Ain’t Made Out Of Stone. All of which Travis created throughout the ’90s.