Country Throwback: Reba McEntire, Andrea Bocelli Cover ‘Blue Christmas’ in 2009

by Joe Rutland

It might feel odd to see an opera singer join with a country music legend to perform “Blue Christmas” on stage. But it works.

Andrea Bocelli, known around the world for his vocal range in operas, was joined by Reba McEntire on stage in 2009. Together, they sang a rendition of Presley’s “Blue Christmas.”

Prior to having McEntire come out on stage, Bocelli admits that he’s been a fan of Presley.

This version blends both Bocelli’s and McEntire’s singing styles and the result is pretty good. They are backed by a full orchestra, which adds its own richness to this version of the song.

Here are Bocelli and McEntire singing “Blue Christmas.”

‘Blue Christmas’ Gets Attention Through Covers, Videos

McEntire and Bocelli are not the first performers to put their special touch on this classic. Even “The King of Rock-and-Roll” gets involved in a remake of “Blue Christmas,” but let’s look at Tim McGraw and his version.

Back in 2018, McGraw and his band took time out from their tour to send Christmas wishes to their fans.

They perform an acoustic version of “Blue Christmas” backstage.

Now about Martina McBride. For the album “Elvis Presley Christmas Duets,” producers used footage from Presley’s 1968 comeback special on NBC and superimposed McBride within it to create magic.

On the surface, it sounds like a run-of-the-mill mash-up. After watching the video, it might surprise you how realistic the duet looks.

Producers had Presley with an impressively edited a video of  McBride singing alongside him. She dresses up in full 1960s-style hair and makeup, making her a convincing co-performer.

Let’s take a look at Elvis and Martina singing “Blue Christmas” on video.

During an interview, producer George Flanigen said the process they used to create this video was different from the ones they’ve used before. Previously, they could take footage of Elvis and edit him into modern-day performances. That wasn’t possible here, so they sent McBride back in time.

“We were taking Martina to the ’68 special,” Flanigen said. In that footage, there’s an empty chair besides Presley which became the perfect spot for McBride.

“It was like somebody should have been sitting there,” Flanigen said. “We’re like, we could probably figure a way to put her with Elvis.”

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