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Country Throwback: Reba McEntire Previews Acting Career’s Future in 1989 Interview

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

In an interview with Reba McEntire from way back in 1989, she sits down with Herb Sudzin to talk about her career. Sudzin is visibly and audibly nervous and even says as much at the start. We would be too.

The two begin talking about her then newly released album, “Sweet Sixteen.” McEntire co-wrote three of the songs on this album. In addition, she explains how she is incredibly proud of how the album has turned out.

McEntire says that fans receive the music in various ways. While most of her fans understand English, she says that most people find happiness in her music.

Talking about all of her shows abroad at the start of her career makes you understand just how truly famous she becomes.

McEntire Acting Career

Amongst other things in the interview, McEntire talks about acting. At about the 7-minute mark, she begins talking about her future in acting.

In the interview after being asked about how her music video could translate to an acting career she has a quick response. “Well matter of fact it already has [translated].”

She adds that it “made me more curious about acting involvement. I read quite a few scripts and found one I liked and as a matter of fact, there is going to be a major motion picture released soon.”

In addition she drops some big name stars that she is going to be acting alongside.

The Boot listed the most notable performances over her career. In no particular order, her stage life goes as follows.

  1. ‘Buffalo Girls’ (1995) As Annie Oakley
  2. Reba‘ (2001-2007) As Reba Hart
  3. ‘The Fox and the Hound 2’ (2006) As Dixie
  4. ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ As Annie Oakley
  5. ‘Tremors’ (1990) As Heather Gummer

Some performances are better than others. At any rate, the top consensus pick in her acting career goes to her work in “Buffalo Girls.”

Consequently, McEntire got nominated for an Emmy as Annie Oakley in the show. Undoubtedly, an incredible performance throughout the show.

With a fully teased head of hair, this interview shows McEntire looking young and on the verge of breaking out as a full-fledged acting star.