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Country Throwback: Reba McEntire Sorrowfully Sings ‘For My Broken Heart’ at CMT Awards 1991

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Rich Fury/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

Reba McEntire poured out her soul during a Country Music Television (CMT) Awards ceremony in 1991, singing in honor of her band members who died that year.

On March 16, 1991, McEntire’s band was killed in a plane crash at Lindbergh Field in San Diego.

Road manager Jim Hammon, keyboardist and bandleader Kirk Cappello, fellow keyboardist Joey Cigainero, drummer Tony Saputo, guitarists Michael Thomas and Chris Austin, bassist Terry Jackson and backup singer Paula Kaye Evans, as well as the two pilots, Donald Holmes and Christopher Hollinger, were all dead.

In their honor, she performed “For My Broken Heart,” which is actually a song about a failed romantic relationship. The awards show took place on Sept. 28, 1991.

Reba McEntire Covers Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’

McEntire knows how to make an audience come alive, especially when performing a song from longtime friend Dolly Parton.

McEntire, during her “Reba Live: 1995” tour, talked a bit to her adoring fans before launching into a cover version of Parton’s classic “9 to 5.”

Here’s a clip of McEntire singing that classic country song.

Obviously, the respect that McEntire shows for Parton and her music comes through in the performance.

Both country music superstars recently got together for a chit-chat on McEntire’s new Spotify podcast, “Living & Learning.”

Parton is asked on the podcast if she’s pondering retirement. The short answer? No.

“So, as long as I’m living, I’m a workin’,” Parton says. “And like Reba, we’ve talked about retiring. I said, ‘What would I do? There’s no way I could retire.’

“I’ve always said I want to be just like one of those little fainting goats, you know,” Parton says. “I just always want to be running along and just keel over one day. And just die right in the middle of a song. Hopefully, one that I’ve written.”