Country Throwback: Reba McEntire, Vince Gill Reunite for ‘The Heart Won’t Lie’ Opry Performance

by Clayton Edwards

The 90s were a great time for country music. During that decade, stars like Reba McEntire and Vince Gill were on the rise. In fact, by the early 90s, both Reba and Vince were members of the Grand Ole Opry. They were both topping the charts and on their way to superstardom. So, putting both of them on the same track was the recipe for a hit song.

In 1992, Reba was working on “It’s Your Call,” her nineteenth studio album. She wanted to include the song “The Heart Won’t Lie” which she had planned to do as a duet with Kenny Rogers years before. According to Classic Country Music, Reba McEntire reached out to Rogers to see if she could record the song for her album. Rogers had no issue letting Reba have the song. Soon, she decided that Vince Gill would be the perfect person to sing harmony on the track.

Reba McEntire’s co-producer Tony Brown suggested that Vince Gill do more than sing harmony on the song. So, they tried giving Gill a couple of verses. It worked out great and the song became a duet.

Reba released the song in 1993 as the second single off of “It’s Your Call,” and it shot to the top of the charts. It would be Reba McEntire’s seventeenth number-one hit and Vince Gill’s third.

Reba McEntire and Vince Gill Reunite on the Opry

In July of 2020, Reba McEntire and Vince Gill reunited on the Grand Ole Opry. There was no audience in attendance but you couldn’t tell that by watching them onstage. Even without the audience to play off of, both Reba and Vince have great presence and put on one hell of a show. While Gill is an incredible musician, Reba reminds us all why she was the queen of 90s country.

During the show, Reba and Vince reminisce and take turns singing their own songs. It is truly like watching two old friends get together for a jam session after years of being apart. After a little banter and a stellar rendition of Reba McEntire’s hit “Is There Life Out There,” they discussed how the duet happened. It may have been years since they performed together, but the pair didn’t miss a beat as they kicked off “The Heart Won’t Lie.”

The duet is a bittersweet love song, but they look delighted performing the song. It is evident that Reba and Vince are happy to be back on the Opry stage and singing together. Not only is it a beautiful duet but it is also a testament to the longevity of both Reba McEntire and Vice Gill. They sound just as good together in the live performance as they did all those years ago on Reba’s album.