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Country Throwback: Toby Keith Belts Kenny Rogers Song at Mexican Restaurant in 2016

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Imagine walking into your favorite Mexican Restaurant for Thursday night karaoke. You are with your best friends, and you’ve got your songs all planned out, and you’re ready to crush a couple of songs. But, all of the sudden, Toby Keith steps up to the microphone.

An international country superstar actually did take the stage for his own karaoke night at a Mexican restaurant in 2016. Toby Keith got on stage at a Mexican restaurant and sang at least one classic country song.

Toby Keith’s performance absolutely blew the restaurant away. He certainly was more talented than anyone else who would grace the stage that night. Moreover, Toby Keith is a tough act to follow at a karaoke night.

Toby Keith was fresh off of wrapping up a tribute performance to Merle Haggard at the American Country Countdown Awards in 2016. He and Ben Haggard decided to get some Mexican food from a local restaurant.

Toby Keith Singing Karaoke at Local Mexican Restaurant

Apparently, the restaurant wasn’t crowded that night. There were only a couple of patrons enjoying their dinners. But, Ben and Keith quickly discovered that there was a karaoke machine in the restaurant.

So, the two singers quickly got to work. Toby Keith took the microphone immediately and began singing a classic Kenny Rogers song. The song the two chose was “Lady.” Another person in the restaurant decided to stand next to him and help Keith sing the song.

Haggard stands off to the side so he can film Keith belting out the song. During Keith’s song, Haggard pans around the room showing everyone filming Keith singing the song. Consequently, everyone is on their feet enjoying the wonderful performance.

Even though this isn’t a typical karaoke performance, it is certainly awesome. Haggard writes about the Keith moment, saying that it was a night to remember.

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