Country Throwback: Toby Keith Performs ‘Who’s That Man’ in Early 1995 Special

by Kayla Zadel

Twenty-five years ago Toby Keith took the stage to perform his song “Who’s That Man.” This song is the country singer’s second number one hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Toby Keith performs the touching, yet sad, song live on “Music City Tonight with Crook & Chase.”

Keith wrote the hit song by himself. It’s on his sophomore album, Boomtown.

“Who’s That Man” is written from the perspective of a divorced man. He returns back to the town where he used to live and sees his ex-wife’s new husband filling the role he used to play.

The chorus goes like this, “That’s my house, and that’s my car / That’s my dog in my backyard / There’s the window to the room / Where she lays her pretty head / I planted that tree out by the fence / Not long after we moved in / That’s my kids, and that’s my wife / Whose that man, runnin my life?”

Not only was this song a No. 1 hit for the country crooner, but it helped Toby Keith earn his first platinum album. While “Who’s That Man” might’ve been the only chart-topping song from Boomtown, he did have two follow up singles.

“Upstairs Downstairs” was the second single to be released and landed in the Top 10. Furthermore, “You Ain’t Much Fun” landed at No. 2 The Boot reports.

Toby Keith ‘Who’s That Man’ Music Video

The video that goes along to the hit song shows a baby-faced, mullet wearing Toby Keith.

The music video for “Who’s That Man” premiered on CMT on July 21, 1994. Toby Keith is the man character. We see him driving around an old neighborhood, plus singing and playing guitar in a dark room.

There are also scenes of a man and a woman, assumed to be the ex-wife and new husband. Additionally, scenes show children playing outside.