Country Throwback: Trace Adkins, Kevin Costner Sing ‘Silent Night’ Together in 2013

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Pressefoto Ulmerullstein bild via Getty Images)

Kevin Costner may be the renaissance man of our time. Not only is Costner famous for starring in Hollywood blockbusters, along with being a director and producer in the film and television industries, but he is a talented musician, as well.

Kevin Costner Joins Daughter, Lily, and Trace Adkins

Costner combined his enthusiasm for all things Western, passion for country music, and love for his daughter while recording “Silent Night” on Trace Adkins’ first Christmas album, The King’s Gift, in 2013.

Trace Adkins and the Costners

Various guests appear on the album, performing ten Christmas classics in a Celtic style rather than with a country-focused sound. However, Trace was surprised upon learning one of the young singers he was going to be recording a duet with was Kevin Costner’s daughter.

“Lily, his daughter, sang two or three songs on the record,” said Adkins. “I was just in one day listening to some tracks, and I said, ‘Who is that singing?’ “That’s Lily Costner,” the producer responded. “I said, ‘I’m not familiar with her,’ and he said, ‘You probably know her old man.”

“No way! Her dad’s Kevin Costner?” he exclaimed. “Well, call him and see if he wants to sing. He’s a good singer too,” Trace added.

The “Silent Night” Recording

Kevin agreed to sing with Trace and Lily on “Silent Night.”

The beautiful instrumental melodies combined with the deep, rustic vocals of Trace compares beautifully with the light, airy lyrics sung by Lily. Her father’s mellow voice is the bow placed on top of the special rendition of the Christmas classic.

The “Silent Night” collaboration is the sixth track on The King’s Gift. Although there’s no video recording of the musical collaboration between Adkins and the two Costners, Trace and Lily can be seen performing the song here.

The favor was later returned when Adkins took the stage with Costner’s country music band, Kevin Costner & Modern West.