Country Throwback: Watch Blake Shelton Nail John Anderson Impression While Singing ‘Swingin’’

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to country music talent, it doesn’t get much bigger than country superstar Blake Shelton.

While the “Minimum Wage” and “God Gave Me You” singer bases his career on his voice, he has other talents as well. One of those hidden talents is impersonations of fellow country music stars past and present.

In 2018, Shelton found a humorous way to announce an upcoming tour that was set to kick off early in 2019. In a three minute and 22 seconds long video, Shelton announces who will be joining him on tour. The tour was called the “Blake Shelton’s Friends and Heroes Tour.”

The tour would feature iconic country names like Trace Adkins, The Bellamy Brothers and Lauren Alaina. It is Shelton’s impression of another country superstar that steals the show in the short concert announcement clip.

The video features Shelton in a bar stressing over who to bring on tour with him. A minute or so into the video, country legend John Anderson’s “Straight Tequila Night” plays on the jukebox to Shelton’s delight. A fellow bar patron approaches the singer and says the Anderson hit is a great song but isn’t sure who the artist is.

Blake Shelton Impersonates John Anderson in Tour Announcement

“He has got to be one of all time heroes, man,” Shelton says of Anderson.

Confused, the bar Patron asks Shelton just who John Anderson is and if he is a new act.

“Come on man you know who John Anderson is. He’s a Grammy Award winner,” he replies.

Shelton then proceeds to imitate John Anderson and the legendary country “twang” he sings with. He belts out a line of Anderson’s “Swingin'” and asks the stranger if he knows “Seminole Wind” or “Money in the Bank.” He appears frustrated that young man does not who John Anderson is and offers up a tip.

“The next time you are Instagramming a picture of your beer — you should look him up,” he says.