Country Throwback: Watch Johnny Cash’s Brother Pay Tribute to Him in Song in 2013

by Emily Morgan

Being Johnny Cash’s younger sibling, we can imagine you’ve got some pretty big (and black, of course) shoes to fill. However, Tommy Cash, the youngest sibling to J.R., has made a name for himself in the music industry. 

In his song, “My Brother Johnny Cash,” Tommy pays tribute to “the man in black.” At first listen, it sounds eerily just like his older brother. As he sings the lyrics, his deep voice hauntingly matches that of Johnny Cash. Tommy has obviously taken notes on his brother’s iconic sound.

Five years after his brother passed away, Tommy released the album, All I Care About: Shades of Black. On the album, Tommy takes time to pay homage to his brother. Like Johnny, Tommy also has a knack for capturing his listeners with the power of music. 

He pairs his sorrowful voice with his lone guitar, making it a highly emotional tribute. From his childhood, military service, legendary music career, and troubles, Tommy leaves no stone unturned as he tells his brother’s story in a tender, sentimental way. 

 “When J.R. joined the service, the world met Johnny Cash.

Tommy Keeps Johnny Cash’s Legacy Alive

Throughout the song, you can hear Tommy’s affection for his brother shine through. He fondly calls his brother a man of honor, a man of words, a father, son, husband, and a legend. 

Even though his songs may not have met the musical caliber of “Ring of Fire” or “Hurt,” Tommy’s track “Six White Horses” gave him a No. 4 hit on the “Billboard country charts.” In the early ’70s, Tommy would follow his brother’s footsteps, releasing hits such as “One Song Away” and “Rise and Shine.” In 1973, Cash released his final top 20 hit titled, “I Recall a Gypsy Woman.” 

The two remained close leading up to Johnny Cash’s death in 2003. They also performed together multiple times. Johnny even let his little brother perform his songs on The Johnny Cash Show. 

Watch the two share some brotherly love as they perform “Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine” below.