Country Throwback: Watch Keith Urban Stop Concert to Spotlight 14-Year-Old Fan

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

If you’ve ever attended a Keith Urban Urban show, you know he’s never been afraid to share the spotlight. Like many country artists, he enjoys giving fans of all ages and talent a chance to showcase their abilities.

In 2016, the singer-songwriter shared a special moment when he invited two lucky fans to join him on stage.

While Urban was performing at a concert in Canada, he became distracted when he saw hand-crafted guitar-shaped sings in the crowd. Impressed with the fan’s artistic ability, he invited the sign-holders to come on stage in front of 20,000 people.

After they introduced themselves as sisters, Urban handed the microphone to 14-year-old Hailey Benedict and asked her what she wanted to do when she grows up. Benedict told Urban that she’s always wanted to be a singer and songwriter.

Keith Urban’s Utter Amazement at Young Girl’s Talent

Immediately Urban called out to the girls’ mother in the crowd, telling her that he approved of the choice. While smiling, he asked Benedict if she writes songs, and she replied yes. Impressed, Urban then asked if Benedict played guitar, to which she also replied yes.

As soon as she announced she could sing and play guitar, Urban requested that someone bring Benedict a guitar. Before she knew it, she was getting ready to perform in front of Keith Urban and thousands of onlookers.

With all eyes on her, Benedict sang an original song called “Clean Slate.” Benedict amazed the audience with her impressive guitar playing and powerful voice. Even though she was just 14, she worked the stage as if she was an old pro.

Urban was full of joy, wonder, and astonished by the little girl’s talent. Once she finished her song, he embraced Benedict in a big hug and thanked her for her performance.

A country singer’s connection to their fans is vital, something Keith Urban knows all about. At a show in New Hampshire in 2016, he also invited a fan to play guitar on stage for their birthday.