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Country Throwback: Watch Toby Keith Shoutout Son’s Little League Team After Winning at 2004 AMAs

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images

For his second straight American Music Awards win, Toby Keith gave a brief and unusual acceptance speech.

Keith gave a shout out to his son, Stelen, who was back home in Oklahoma. Cause, let’s hear it for the little kids playing football.

“I’ve got a 7-year-old at home who won his little league football championship,” Keith said. “I’d like to congratulate. … dedicate this (trophy) to the Roosevelt Tornadoes for kickin’ butt and winning the Little League championship.”

Keith also is known for his support of the military. After he congratulated Stelen, he mentioned his “brothers and sisters overseas… we wish them all a safe trip home.”

Toby Keith Wrote a Song for Stelen

Stelen Covel, Tony Keith’s only son, is all grown up now. He co-owns a concert booking company with Zeke Benoit, the grandson of Howard Pollack, a large-scale concert promoter. Covel and Benoit have been best friends since junior high.

Toby Keith wrote the song “Heart to Heart (Stelen’s Song) about his son.

Back in 2004, Keith was riding high. He won the AMA for the album “Shock’n Y’all.” The other nominees were Martina McBride and Kenny Chesney.

There were three songs that hit No. 1 off the album — “I Love This Bar“, “American Soldier“, and “Whiskey Girl.” It was the second time in his career that all the singles he released off of an album reached No. 1.

The album also included “The Taliban Song” and “Weed with Willie.” He recorded the two songs live with Scotty Emerick.

Keith won the AMA in 2003, too, for Best Country Album for his record “Unleased.” The other nominees were Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts and Shania Twain.

During these years, Keith received major trophies from the Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music.

Keith recently had a throwback tweet to another one of his iconic songs to help folks get through 2020.

Keith wrote: “If this year has got you down, just fill that Red Solo Cup.”