Country Throwback: Watch Young George Strait Sing First #1 Hit ‘A Fire I Can’t Put Out’

by Matthew Wilson

George Strait may be the king of No. 1 hits now. But the country music singer was still only getting his start when he released “A Fire I Can’t Put Out.”

A young Strait charmed viewers on “Hee Haw” when he appeared on the show in 1983. Wearing a white hat cowboy to match his shirt and guitar, Strait certainly looked the part as he entertained audiences. “Hee Haw” was a TV show that ran from 1969 to 1997 and featured some of country music’s most promising talent.

Strait released the tune back in 1983, and the song earned him just the second No. 1 hit of his career. Outsider has covered some of Strait’s previous hits. But “A Fire I Can’t Put Out” was important in Strait’s early career. It proved the cowboy was no one-hit-wonder and was here to stay. In fact, he would become known as the King of Country itself.

Like many of his songs, Strait sings of love and perhaps a little heartbreak. In the song, Strait sings of a lover he’s struggling to move on from. But his passion for her refuses to fade even as he tries to move forward with his life. The song featured on Strait’s second album “Strait from the Heart.”

George Strait, the King of No. 1 Singles

“A Fire I Can’t Put Out” proved to be only the second of many over Strait’s long and industrious career. The country music singer certainly couldn’t put out the fire when it came to his passion for music. In the years since his “Hee Haw” performance, Strait added another 58 No.1 singles to his record. In total, he has 60 singles across his career.

It’s safe to say whether it’s 1983 or 2020, audiences aren’t tired of hearing Strait and his brand of country music. For more news about the King of Country and his other songs, click here.