Country Throwback: Waylon Jennings Duets on ‘Where Corn Don’t Grow’ with Travis Tritt

by Matthew Wilson

Waylon Jennings and Travis Tritt don’t have many recorded duets together. But when the two took the stage together, audiences could feel the magic in the air.

Two generations of Outlaw Country collide together in this song about poverty and rural America. Jennings and Tritt came together to perform a rendition of “Where the Corn Don’t Grow” at the Grand Ole Opry. The two never recorded a duet of the song making this video something of a lost artifact.

But Jennings and Tritt both recorded the song separately. Jennings included the song on his 1990 album, “The Eagle.” It was a modest success. Meanwhile, Tritt managed to break the Top 10 on the charts with his version of the tune.

Waylon Jennings Mentored Travis Tritt

Waylon Jennings became invaluable to Travis Tritt during his early career. The elder country singer became sort of a mentor and father figure to Tritt. With Jennings’ early influence, Tritt would become one of the most successful country singers in the business.

When Jennings died on Feb.13, 2002, he left a hole not only in country music but also in Tritt’s life. The country legend had passed away after developing complications from diabetes. Tritt decided to pay tribute to his friend and mentor in an emotional performance.

Less than a week after Jennings’ death, Tritt took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, the same stage where they had performed together in the past. He dedicated his performance that night to Jennings’ memory.

“I don’t have to tell you folks what the man that we lost this week meant to me,” Tritt said at the time. “Just like all of us who are here this evening, Waylon taught us a lot of lessons. And we’ve all borrowed from him at some point or another and we’ve all learned from him.”