Country Throwback: Willie Nelson and Sons Perform Hank Williams’ ‘Move It On Over’

by Chris Haney

In this edition of our Country Throwback segment, we’re revisiting country legend Willie Nelson and his two sons performing Hank Williams’ “Move It On Over” from a few years back.

In 2017, Nelson shared his second volume in a series of family collaborations. Willie and the Boys: Willie’s Stash, Vol. 2 featured his two sons, Lukas and Micah, singing and playing music beside their father. As part of the release of the new album, the three musicians shared an intimate video with their fans. It featured the trio sitting in a music studio, each with an acoustic guitar in hand. The three men are each wearing studio headphones, are fully mic’d up, and have a music stand in front of them.

The family begins the clip by sharing a story of Lukas and Micah growing up around Nelson’s band. Micah amusingly recalls some of their antics while on tour, and even while Nelson performed on stage. Their famous dad would pour water on their shoes when they played music and weren’t paying attention as a practical joke. Additionally, Micah said he once returned the favor when he sneaked on stage while his dad played to thousands of fans.

“I snuck over and dumped the whole bottle of water on your Nike shoes. And everyone in the crowd had no idea what the hell was going on. But the band was laughing pretty hard. I got my revenge,” Micah said to his father, Willie Nelson, with a laugh.

After the short talk between the family, Nelson dives into one of the album’s most popular songs – Hank Williams’ “Move It On Over.” Lukas and Micah join their father in stride. Nelson takes the lead as his boys back him up on guitar and vocals. Viewers will love the father-son trio putting their own touch on the country classic.

Willie Nelson Collaborates with Sons On ‘Willie’s Stash’

In October 2017, Willie Nelson released the second edition of his Willie’s Stash series. The first, which included archival recordings with his sister, Bobbie Nelson, came out in December 2014. But for the next edition of the series, the country singer brought in his two sons to play with their dad.

Willie and the Boys: Willie’s Stash, Vol. 2 is a second collaborative studio album of Nelson with his family members. The album features another 12 archival recordings that the three Nelson boys worked on during his 2012 album Heroes. In fact, Willie and the Boys can almost be considered a Hank Williams cover album. Seven of the album’s 12 tracks are covers of Williams’ songs. One of the highlights of the album is the Nelson boys’ rendition of Williams’ 1947 Top 10 hit “Move It On Over.” However, there are many other gems on the album as well.


  • 1) Move It On Over
  • 2) Mind Your Own Business
  • 3) Healing Hands of Time
  • 4) Can I Sleep in Your Arms
  • 5) Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
  • 6) I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
  • 7) I’m Movin’ On
  • 8) Your Cheatin’ Heart
  • 9) My Tears Fall
  • 10) Cold, Cold Heart
  • 11) Mansion on the Hill
  • 12) Why Don’t You Love Me