Craig Morgan Bares All in Powerful New Memoir, Wants to Inspire Others

by Anna Dunn

Craig Morgan is writing a new memoir, and he hopes it’ll inspire others. The country artist and veteran has a lot of stories to tell and has seen a lot of hardship. But he’s also had some truly unique experiences that his fans are excited to learn more about.

But even though he has plenty to write a memoir about, he wasn’t inspired to write by any of it. It was his relationship with his faith and his family that apparently inspired the musician to write about his life.

Morgan rose to musical fame in the 2000s. He’s known for his songs That’s What I Love About Sunday, Almost Home, and Redneck Yacht Club. And he’s been releasing Country Chart-topping music since That’s What I Love About Sunday released.

The musician also recently experienced the unthinkable: his 19-year-old son, Jerry Greer, passed away in an accident. His song, The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost is dedicated to Jerry. It struck a chord with millions who relate to the tragic, yet heartfelt, message.

Here’s a snippet of the synopsis for his new upcoming memoir, God, Family, Country: Soldier, Singer, Husband, Dad—There’s a Whole Lot More to Me

“In 1989, as US news outlets declared an end to Operation Just Cause, Craig Morgan was part of an elite group of military operatives jumping into the jungle along the Panamanian border on a covert operation,” the description reads. “Fans know the country music star from his hit songs and acclaimed albums, but there’s a lot more to him—a soldier who worked with the CIA in Panama, an undercover agent who fought sex traffickers in Thailand, and a dedicated family man who lives the values he sings.”

Craig Morgan Hopes This Memoir Will ‘Motivate People to Be Better’

After getting some encouragement from his family, Morgan set out to publish this memoir with the help of American Sniper writer Jim DeFelice.

“I want to motivate people to want to be better. It’s up to us individually to make those decisions,” he said in a recent interview with People. “I just hope that when people see this, that they see that I’m not just some celebrity… I really want to make a difference in life and in the world, and in people’s lives. That’s what the book, for me, is for.”

Morgan’s book God, Family, Country, comes out on September 27th but is already available for pre-order if you want to get it when it comes out.