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WATCH: Dan + Shay Open Up About Creating ‘I Should Probably Go to Bed’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/ Getty Images)

In late July, country band Dan + Shay released the song ‘I Should Probably Go to Bed.’ Lead vocalist Shay Mooney breaks down the writing process.

I guess something good came out of the pandemic after all. Dan + Shay released a new song that is sure to be a hit and really showcases the pair’s vocal abilities. In a four-minute YouTube video, Shay Mooney breaks down the process of writing ‘I Should Probably Go to Bed’.

“I think the time that we had off, when Dan and I were both quarantined at our houses and didn’t see each other for a while, yeah there was so much creative energy that we had inside to really get out. I think that was one of the biggest fuels to the fire that became, ‘I Should Probably Go to Bed.'”

The Band is Back Together!

As you all know, quarantine has been tough. Being away from friends and family took a toll on us all, including stars Dan + Shay. However, the work partners and best friends fell right back into the swing of things when they were finally able to see each other again.

“You know, not being with your best friend is a difficult thing, especially when you create so much together, and that piece of us was really missing, you know, not being able to create. As soon as I walked into Dan’s house, within five minutes, we were on the piano, and we started playing this song, ‘I Should Probably Go to Bed.'”

Dan + Shay got right to the process of figuring out all the kinks and technical issues in their “studio” for hours on end.

“I don’t think we had actually finished the song. We just had the verse and chorus, we didn’t know exactly what that was going to look like and getting into the studio, and when I say getting into the studio, I mean walking upstairs to Dan’s spare bedroom. We just sat there in the studio, you know, for a good six hours just figuring out what the end of that song was going to sound like.”

Dan + Shay Hit the High Notes

The two artists are obviously very gifted. They used “I Should Probably Go to Bed” as a showcase for their talents. Shay admits that they were just winging it as they went along, however.

“We just kind of made it up on the fly, and it was almost this, kind of, in the moment, you know, showing off, doing this ridiculous kind of run and it kind of worked. But it was something that we’ve always wanted to do, is have a song that truly showcased our vocals and something that was just different, you know, that people wouldn’t expect, and this song kind of, you know, marks all of those boxes.”

In addition, this was no easy feat. Showing off their range, while also making the song a hit was an issue Dan + Shay ran into creating the song.

“But in doing that, that also brought its own challenges of how we make this sound like a hit and really be able to button this up. It was really a fun process. It was just really Dan and I, you know, sitting at a desk and looking at his computer, and just try to figure this thing out of where we wanted these melodies to go. And then Dan came in and was able to work his magic.”

Mixing it Up

Although, “I Should Probably Go to Bed” isn’t the setup of a typical song. Dan + Shay wanted to mix it up for their audience.

“It’s not your traditional verse, chorus, verse, bridge, end of the song with a chorus, we skip the third chorus all together and do something very unique, especially for us. It was really cool to be able to, you know, create this new sound that we never really dove into before, kind of really, a new sound for country radio and for music in general, something very unique.”

The pair credits the pandemic for being able to have the time to create the song. Dan + Shay say that the time off relit their passion for music.

“I don’t think we ever would have finished this song, to be honest. We were on the road, and we were so busy, I don’t think it ever would have been finished in this way because of this and the time we had off and that newfound kind of inspiration and vigor for writing music. You know, this song was born, and it’s crazy how, you know, this came out of all this craziness.”

Dan + Shay released “I Should Probably Go To Bed” as the second single on their upcoming album. It is the fourth for the music group, and we cannot wait to hear it.