Darius Rucker Isn’t Worried About Tiger Woods’ Return to PGA: ‘If Tiger Wants to Play Again, He’ll Play Again’

by Matthew Wilson

Country singer Darius Rucker recently commented on pro golfer Tiger Wood’s car crash. Rucker believes Woods will make a full recovery.

Speaking with TODAY, Rucker said he envisions Woods back out on the green one day. He envisions the golfer accomplishing anything he sets his mind to, despite his recent injuries.

“When it first happened, you’re worried about his health. But now you know what’s going on,” Rucker told the outlet. “Tiger is such a strong guy. The question is ‘Is he going to play again?’ I think if Tiger wants to play again, he will play again. I just want him to get better and get healthy.”

On Feb. 24, Woods was involved in a single-vehicle car crash when his vehicle flipped in Los Angeles. LA authorities had to pull the pro golfer from the wreckage of his vehicle. During the accident, Woods gained multiple injuries to his legs as a result. The pro golfer was hospitalized and underwent surgery on his right ankle and leg. The LA sheriff doesn’t believe alcohol or drugs were involved, but the crash is still under investigation.

Darius Rucker and Tiger Woods Are Long Tim Pals

Darius Rucker and Tiger Woods have known each other for decades. Rucker is part of Woods’ inner circle of close friends. The two had a chance encounter at a bar in Michigan back in the 1990s. At the time, neither Rucker nor Woods had reached the height of their fame. But both were rising in their respective fields, and Woods was starting to take the golf world by storm.

“We were sitting at the bar and I look over the bar and I’m like, ‘Isn’t that that Tiger Woods kid that everybody’s talking about?’ He’s 18,” Rucker told PGATour.com. “… So I went over and I said, ‘Are you Tiger Woods?’ and he says, ‘Are you the guy from Hootie and the Blowfish?’ and I sat down and we just hung out all night.”

That was the start of a decades-long friendship. Rucker considers Woods to be both his best friend and also his favorite golfer of all time.

“Tiger’s my favorite player,” Rucker continued. “He’s probably my best friend out there and he’s also my favorite player. There’s not a lot of things in sports that gives me more joy than watching Tiger Woods play.”