Darius Rucker Doesn’t Believe Football Has Gone ‘Soft’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Following country singer Jimmie Allen’s “football has gone soft” declaration on Twitter, fellow country singer Darius Rucker took to the social media platform to share his thoughts about the comment. 

Allen’s full comment reads, “Football is so soft now.  All these flags.  I’m like if you don’t wanna get hit don’t play.” However, in his tweet, Darius Rucker agreed with Allen about there being too many flags on the field. But he disagreed with the football is soft comment. “The rules are soft, but the reason we know that is cause the players are still ballin out. Those boys are never soft!!”

Following his original statement, Allen also declared on Twitter that while he is not an Alabama fan, the targeting call was “so weak” to him. “The guy that got hit knew the risks when he picked up the football for that short punt for a return.”

The Alabama Crimson Tide took on the Auburn Tigers on Saturday (November 27th). The Crimson Tide barely won against the 6-6 team, with the final score being 24-22. Alabama is 11-1 this season. 

Daris Rucker States Teamwork is Critical in Both Music & Football 

During a recent interview with ABC News, Darius Rucker stated that teamwork is critical in both music and football. “When you are up there with a band and playing a song, we have to play at the same tempo. And have to play all the right notes,” the singer explained. He also noted that if somebody is in a different key and it is all wrong, the whole thing is messed up. 

“That’s why practices and rehearsals are so important for us,” Darius Rucker continued. “And why practice is so important in sports.”

The singer then turns his attention to football as a prime example of his theory. “You can’t have guys doing all different things on a play than what they are supposed to do.”

Along with chatting about the importance of teamwork, Darius Rucker reflected on his performances are various sports stadiums.

“Wrigley Field, I will never forget that. I still can’t believe I just said that we played Wrigley Field with Rascal Flatts. And it was amazing.”

Darius Rucker also shared his experience singing the National Anthem in Atlanta for the World Series and also at Madison Square Garden.

“It’s not just known for sports. That is your dream to play as an artist. I just love that place. It is way past the word ironic.”

In regards to seeing his name on Green Bay Packers gear, Darius Rucker declared, “I am so proud of this. That [the Green Bay Packers] knew what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted to do it.”

The country singer went on to add, “I am such an NFL freak and love the game so much. And the fact I am doing anything with the NFL is awesome. I would wear everything.”