Darius Rucker Fires Back at Fan Who Says They’ve Seen ‘Lots of People Get Trampled’ at His Concerts

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA)

Though he technically never graduated from the University of South Carolina, Darius Rucker is among the biggest USC Gamecocks fans in the world. Country music star Darius Rucker is such an ardent fan of the Gamecocks, in fact, that he’s been known to give a free concert in celebration of a major University achievement.

That being the case, it’s no surprise that Darius Rucker teased a free concert on the Horseshoe, should the Gamecock Women’s Basketball team capture the National Championship.

The announcement was met with a huge wave of excitement from fans of Gamecocks and Rucker alike. One “fan,” however, had a slightly different opinion. In response to a “Party on the Horseshoe” tweet from the SEC Network, they wrote, “Buddy rucky know how to throw down. Don’t know if this would be safe for those in attendance.”

When asked why it wouldn’t be safe by another fan, the original poster, responded, “He gets the crowd feisty when he gets going. I’ve seen lots of people get trampled at rucky shows before. At a free show, would be packed. Could go south fast!”

This comment earned the fan several replies from fellow fans calling them out. Then Darius Rucker himself responded. “I have played shows for 36 years,” Rucker said. “And have never had someone ‘trampled’ at a concert of mine ever!”

Will There Be a Darius Rucker Concert on the Horseshoe?

As the Lady Gamecocks are absolutely crushing it this year (as usual), there will no doubt be a Darius Rucker concert on the Horseshoe later this spring. And it wouldn’t be the first time! Rucker has had great concerts there before.

USC is no stranger to free events and other concerts. The University holds numerous events for students every year from concerts to football game viewings to ice cream socials. Because of the ideal location and picturesque backdrop it provides, The Horseshoe is a common choice of locale for these events.

For those unfamiliar with the layout of Carolina, the Horseshoe is a massive U-shaped outdoor space. It rests in the middle of what was once the entire University of South Carolina campus. Students regularly lounge in the sun in the Horseshoe with school work, yoga mats, hammocks, or picnics.

Carolina fans are ecstatic at the possibility of another Darius Rucker concert on campus. One wrote, “Can’t wait to celebrate on the horseshoe with Carolina’s No. 1 fan Darius Rucker.” Another responded to Rucker’s suggestion with, “I’m already on the Horseshoe chillin & waitin on ya!”