Darius Rucker Gives Private ‘Wagon Wheel’ Performance for Ric Flair in Latest Post

by Atlanta Northcutt

Darius Rucker is always surprising people by contributing his talents to others in order to spread joy.

Rucker did just that when it comes to the retired wrestler Ric Flair. The famous 72-year-old wrestler continued to face his competitors and take them down.

Darius Rucker and Ric Flair Are Fans Of Each Other

Flair came from Memphis, TN, to be the official WWE 16-time world champion.

Multiple peers and journalists view Flair as the all-time greatest professional wrestler. The athlete had a long career with a massive amount of wins under his belt.

The Love Of A Famous Singer and Famous Wrestler

The former pro-wrestler experienced a special moment that doesn’t involve wrestling. This time, he enjoyed a private concert. The special one-on-one performance was by country artist Darius Rucker, whom Flair adores.

A very funny coincidence is that Darius Rucker is a HUGE fan of Ric Flair. The musician loves all sports, but his passion is pro-wrestling.

“I’ve been a fan since college,” Rucker says. He even has a replica of Flair’s belt in his home. It was love at first sight for Rucker when it comes to Flair.

Rucker Pays $35,000 For Flair’s Authentic Robe

According to Taste of Country, Rucker collects many different kinds of sports memorabilia. He bought a robe worn by the former pro-wrestler Ric Flair with “Nature Boy” imprinted on the back. It only costs a mere $35,000.

“Years ago at the Jimmy V (celebrity golf tournament), Ric auctioned off one of his robes,” Darius says. “I just turned to my band and said, ‘I’m getting this. I don’t care what it cost me … I’m getting this.’”

However, the competition was tough when it came to the 16-time world champion’s flowing robe. The bids continued to rise higher and higher in cost, but Rucker says he was undeterred.

“It was a live auction, and this other guy really wanted it. But I wanted it a little more,” he states. “It got up there pretty high. It cost me a pretty penny, but it was worth it.”

A Very Special and Exciting Surprise For Both Stars

The world’s best wrestler, who is now retired, was able to receive a special surprise from someone he is fans with. Darius Rucker was also ecstatic to play for his idol.

The song “Wagon Wheel” is extremely popular and brought joy to both the musician and the listener while the two relaxed in comfy chairs. The smiles on both superstars’ faces were a beautiful and wholesome moment to capture and will end up making you give a little grin too.

Ric Flair took to Twitter to say, “It’s Not Everyday That You Get A Private Performance From A Music Legend! WOOOOO! @dariusrucker #BetterThanRicFlairDrip

Darius Rucker reposted what Flair wrote. Darius comments, “WOOOOO! Good times with my friend @RicFlairNatrBoy!”

Darius Rucker and Ric Flair seemed to have the time of their lives, which is obvious due to the many WOOOOO’s in their posts.