Darius Rucker Honors Charley Pride with Cover of ‘Someone Loves You Honey’

by Jonathan Howard

There’s nothing like some good ole Charley Pride. The legendary artist is being celebrated with a special edition of CMT: Giants. Fans have been treated to specials celebrating Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, and others. This will be a great special.

The importance of Charley Pride’s career cannot be understated. While country music has always been a genre filled with Black artists, not all of them enjoyed large commercial success. For Darius Rucker, the relationship he had with Pride meant a lot not just professionally but personally. Rucker and Pride are the only two Black co-hosts of the CMA Awards since 1975.

Throughout his career, Charley Pride belted out songs of love, heartache, and more. Now watch Darius Rucker sing Someone Loves You Honey as part of the CMT: Giants special.

Back when Pride originally sang the tune, it became a chart-topping hit for the country artist. The song debuted in 1978 and was an instant success. However, it was far from the first chart-topping single that Pride had put out. By the time it was all said and done, the Sledge, Mississippi native had 30 top singles to his name.

Of course, Darius Rucker and Charley Pride had quite a friendship. When Pride came down sick with COVID-19 that ultimately led to his death, Rucker expressed his grief. The two artists had performed multiple times together and Rucker is no stranger to performing classics from Charley’s catalog. From Kiss An Angel Good Morning to Someone Loves You Honey, nothing is off the table for the Beers and Sunshine artist.

Charley Pride and Making History

Of course, Charley Pride’s career is filled with history-making moments. At one point during the peak of his career in the 70s, Pride became the best-selling RCA artist since Elvis Presley. On top of the 30 number one singles, he also had 22 more top-10 hits. Not to mention that Pride was a multi-talented person and even played professional baseball.

Back in the 1950s, he had quite the promising baseball career in the Negro Leagues. His debut in 1953 was with the Memphis Red Sox and that is where he spent 95% of his five-year career in the league. During that time he was a two-time league All-star. On top of his athletic prowess and musical ability, Pride also served in the military.

In fact, it was Charley Pride’s team manager in the Negro Leagues that first paid attention to his singing ability. While traveling through the minor leagues, Pride found himself pitching for the East Helena Smelterites. There, the manager paid him $10 to sing before games. It helped improve attendance and was extra money on top of his $10 per game pay.

Charley Pride was a truly special talent in music, athletics, and as a human being. A genuine person who deserves to be celebrated in so many ways. The CMT: Giants special will debut on August 25th.