Darius Rucker Opens Up About Hosting the CMA’s with Reba McEntire: ‘I Never Even Dreamed Of It’

by Keeli Parkey

Hosting the 2020 CMA Awards alongside country legend Reba McEntire was an opportunity Darius Rucker just couldn’t pass up. The “Beers and Sunshine” singer recently talked about the hosting experience while being interviewed on the Bobby Bones Show.

The discussion about the 2020 CMA Awards began with Bones asking Rucker about his experience “hosting a network television show.”

“That was pretty amazing. That was one of those things I never even dreamed, really dreamed about. I joked about it, but like I’m never going to host the CMAs. …”

Helping Darius Rucker along this major hosting gig was none other than Reba McEntire. Her assistance was more than helpful, according to Rucker.

“Reba was amazing,” Rucker told Bones. “She was such a pro and such a help to me and such a great friend. We had a blast.”

According to Darius Rucker hosting the 2020 CMA Awards, which took place in November 2020, was something that will stay with him forever.

“That night is a night I will never forget,” Rucker told Bones.

Interestingly, Bones asked Darius Rucker if the night of the CMAs was “a blur” or if he “remembered it vividly.”

“Oh, I remember it vividly,” Rucker said in response. “I remember it like it happened yesterday, vividly. Because it was so fast. You know, like the rehearsal took two days. … The show went by so fast. But, I remember it vividly.”

Bones next asked Rucker if hosting the show with McEntire brought them closer together.

“Oh, absolutely. We were friends before and we had done some stuff together,” Rucker said. “We love to hang out and laugh. She makes me laugh like crazy. But, yeah, we’re definitely much better friends after doing all that work together.”

In addition to Reba McEntire, Darius Rucker has some pretty cool friends. Bones asked him about that as well.

“Tiger (Woods) texted me yesterday,” the singer said in response to the question. “That still makes me go, ‘That’s crazy.’ … I’ve known him since he was 18 and it still freaks me out.”

You can listen to Darius Rucker’s interview on the Bobby Bones Show below.

Darius Rucker Explains Why He Bought Everyone’s Meal at South Carolina IHOP

Darius Rucker is a very nice guy. So nice, in fact, that he recently bought the meals for every person dining in a South Carolina iHOP. He wasn’t trying to create headlines or draw attention to himself. According to an interview with Taste of Country Nights, the singer was just trying to lend a helping hand to his fellow man.

“I was just looking around … and there was just a bunch of families, a bunch of kids,” Rucker said on the show. “I really just thought about the economy and what it is and it’s been a tough year, and I was walking out and saw my friends that I see all the time when I’m in there and I said, ‘Hey man, how long will it take you to calculate everybody’s check.’ He said, ‘About a minute.’”

The country singer went on to add: “I did it — I tipped the waitstaff and I left. I just didn’t think it was going to be newsworthy.”