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Darius Rucker Opens Up About How He Created ‘Beers and Sunshine’ All Through Zoom

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped people from learning how to still release and perform great music for their fans. For some artists, the isolation and time off touring have given them the time to sit down to write and record more music. Country artist Darius Rucker is now proving he can adapt as a performer.

He recently released his new song, “Beers and Sunshine.” After a period of devastatingly cold weather, beer and sunshine seem like something people would be more than happy to think about.

Darius Rucker Discusses New Single

Darius Rucker was on the Today show yesterday (Feb. 26) to talk about his newest single. “Beers and Sunshine” is currently No. 1 on country music radio.

While most of Rucker’s past hits have been recorded in a traditional studio, “Beers and Sunshine” is far from traditional in that sense. Rucker and his team fully embraced remote music-making for this new single.

“We wrote it on Zoom and we actually recorded it on the internet. Nobody was ever in the room together … all the studios were closed when we were trying to do it. That Zoom thing is the new cool thing, but I want to get to where we’re all sitting in the same room together,” Rucker said.

Rucker’s new song is his 10th No. 1 country song. He is now anticipating his next full-length album since 2017, “When Was the Last Time.” It is expected to release sometime at the very end of the year.

The song is also No. 7 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart. As of now, Taylor Swift’s rerecorded version of her song “Love Story” is sitting at No. 1.

Post Malone Cover of Hootie & the Blowfish Song

Darius Rucker isn’t the only one releasing new Darius Rucker music. Popular rapper and singer-songwriter Post Malone released a cover of a classic Hootie & the Blowfish song.

Darius Rucker was a part of the rock band until they went on hiatus in 2008. They announced a reunion tour in 2019 as well as the studio album, “Imperfect Circle.”

Since he’s been on a break from rock music, Darius Rucker has made quite the name for himself in country music. However, he has been extremely enthusiastic to hear Post Malone cover one of the band’s older songs.

Post Malone took on the band’s classic song, “Only Wanna Be With You” for Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. Rucker heard the song and wrote on Twitter, “The smile in [sic] my face will not leave for a long time. This is awesome. My bro @PostMalone bringing it. Hell yes man!!”

He would again go on to melt over the cover in an interview he did with Variety.

“It’s awesome to see that a song we wrote almost 30 years ago continues to resonate as it really speaks to the lasting life a song can have when people connect with it. I love seeing someone like Post put his own spin on it like he does with everything he records,” Rucker said.