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Darius Rucker Proves He’s Loved Football Season for Years With Throwback Pic

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

It isn’t any surprise to those who have followed Darius Rucker for a while to know he’s a huge football fan, he played through high school. Rucker reminded folks with a throwback picture from his playing days.

If you know any of Hootie and the Blowfish’s more popular songs you might remember a little line from Only Wanna Be With You. It goes: Sometimes you’re crazy/And you wonder why/I’m Such a baby ’cause the Dolphins make me cry. Those Miami Dolphins make a lot of fans cry during the fall.

Check out the throwback picture Darius Rucker shared via Instagram.

Football season is in full swing. Rucker’s South Carolina Gamecocks and Miami Dolphins aren’t doing great. However, that won’t take the joy out of the season for the country music star. The picture featured a young Rucker kneeling for a photo. It looked like the standard team picture day photo.

“Man, I love football season! #TBT,” the post caption read.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, their season is about in the gutter. They have a 1-4 record and lost their last game 45-17 to the Buccaneers. Their only win came against the Patriots back on September 12. As far as the South Carolina Gamecocks are concerned, it’s an average year. Their 3-3 record just isn’t enough this season. However, bowl eligibility is possible.

October is a great time of year for Darius Rucker though.

Darius Rucker Celebrates Opry Anniversary

This season and month mean more than football for Darius Rucker. It was October 2, 2012. The country singer was performing at the Grand Ole Opry. After the performance, Brad Paisley came out of the audience and asked two questions during the Q&A.

“Darius, my question is in two parts. You will have 30 seconds to respond,” Paisley said as the crowd cheered. “The first question is, are you still the worst poke player in the world?”

Rucker took no time to affirm that was correct.

“The other question is,” Brad continued. “Would you like to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry?”

After some disbelief, Darius Rucker accepted. Paisley got up on stage and said, “Ladies and gentleman, Opry history at the invite of Brad Paisley who surprised him tonight. Darius Rucker, on October 16th, becomes the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. Welcome home.”

Through tears, Darius Rucker accepted the invitation and in two days he will celebrate that anniversary once again. All country music artists dream of being a member of the Opry. Rucker got to live that dream and more. A day that will surely be special to the singer for the rest of his life. Next year marks the 10 year anniversary.