Darius Rucker Recounts Hilarious Prank Rascal Flatts Pulled On Him Mid-Show

by Quentin Blount

What kind of pranks do you think country stars pull on each other on tour? According to Darius Rucker, the pranks are even wilder than you might imagine.

“Y’all I have had a lot of cool pranks done to me and I’ve done some cool pranks touring,” Rucker says in his latest Instagram video.

But what is the greatest prank Rucker has ever witnessed? Well, he says it all started on his first-ever country tour with the band Rascal Flatts.

“I was the opening band for Rascal Flatts,” Rucker recalls. “The last show, those guys hired a 4-H club or something and I came out and I’m singin’ away. I don’t know what I was singing — maybe ‘Hold My Hand’ or ‘Wagon Wheel’ — but I’m singin’ it and havin’ a great time. And all the sudden I look and there’s these kids and they’re all parading around our stage.”

However, that was just the beginning. Rucker goes on to explain that the kids who were stealing the show also had their livestock with them. The hilarious story is likely one that Rucker won’t forget anytime soon.

“They all have livestock, mostly goats,” Rucker explains. “They’re all walking around our stage with goats. And then I’m finishing my song and the Flatts guys thought it was funny to put all of the goats in my dressing room. And I go in, and these goats are eating the dressing room. They’re eating everything in there.”

Near the end of the country star’s confession, he explains what he thought was the funniest moment from the whole thing.

“The funniest thing was this one baby goat. He had jumped up on a stool,” Rucker says with a laugh.

You can watch Darius Rucker’s entire video down below.

#Repost @dariusrucker,” the Rascal Flatts account wrote. “What’s it like being on the road with @rascalflatts? One word… GOATS. Lots of goats hahaha.”

Fans Respond To Hilarious Memory from Darius Rucker

There isn’t much better than hearing about a good prank. And that holds true for the Darius Rucker and Rascal Flatts story. Fans on social media were laughing out loud while listening to Rucker tell the story.

“That sounds like a lot of fun!!!!” one follower wrote. “I need to go to one of your shows ❤️ huge fan since the first note I heard you sing.”

“What a fun memory!” another fan commented. “@dariusrucker and @rascalflatts are both GOAT legends! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.”

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