Darius Rucker Reveals Secrets to Putting on a Great Show

by Matthew Memrick

Longtime music performer Darius Rucker recently revealed some secrets to a good show and how fans should leave wanting more.

It’s all about putting on such a great show that audiences want to come back.

“My goal every night is have somebody really want to see me and come see me and go, ‘Oh, I gotta see that again,’” Rucker said said.  

E! Online caught up with the 55-year-old Rucker after his recent “Beer and Sunshine” came out.

Secrets To Giving Rucker Fans What They Want

  • Bring Lots Of Energy For The Fans
  • You Got To Bring The Hits, Even From Hootie & The Blowfish Days
  • Fans Love That He’s Back After The Pandemic Canceled Shows

Rucker Still Amazed By Long Career

It’s been more than 25 years and Darius Rucker is still performing to audiences.

He first started at the University of South Carolina as the lead singer for Hootie & the Blowfish. After that band, he tried his hand at a solo R&B career. 

Now, he’s made his mark in country music. Darius Rucker has done it so well with his secrets, he recently got inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

Now, he’s back with “Beer and Sunshine,” a mix of songs he wants both new and old fans to love.

“It sounds funny or cheesy or cliché or something but almost every night, there’s a moment where I’m looking at the band or I’m looking at the screen or I see somebody in the audience that I know and I just go, ‘Holy s–t,’” Darius Rucker told E! News. “I’m really getting to do this, the only thing I’ve wanted to do my entire life. I’m 55 and I’m still able to do it.”

Rucker’s Back On The Road And Loving Life 

Last month, the Grammy winner kicked off his latest tour called Darius Rucker Live. Rucker’s on the road for a few more shows with special guest Caylee Hammack.

So far, both singer and audience look like they’re enjoying the shows.

One Darius Rucker secret has to do with fan watching. He’s watching them as much as they’re watching him. He’s playing to the back of the audience just as much as the front.

“Nothing beats (it) when you look up in the rafters and everybody’s dancing and having a great time,” Rucker said.

Since the pandemic, audiences love that shows are back and Rucker said, “it doesn’t get any better than that.”

The star knows he’s got to play his new solo hits along with the other staple songs like his “Wagon Wheel” remake and “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It.”

But the South Carolina native also goes to the well to play some of Hootie & the Blowfish’s fan-favorite tracks. And no matter how many times he performs them, Rucker knows the crowd’s eating them up too.

“The thing about me is I’m not one of those guys who doesn’t like to play their hits,” Rucker said. “I love it. I love to start one of those songs and hear the crowd and know that everybody is so happy. In that case, I’ll play it every night.”